Unique Modular Backplane Design Gives OmnixTM Family Unprecedented Configuration Flexibility

Unique Modular Backplane Design Gives OmnixTM Family Unprecedented Configuration Flexibility

Today's leading-edge mission-critical applications require both high performance and the built-in flexibility for custom tailoring the underlying computing platform to meet application-specific configuration requirements. In response to system-builders' needs for a greater range of choices, the brand new Omnix family from ICS Advent offers a complete set of integrated, option-rich, high value system solutions for virtually any rackmount application.

The Omnix product family has been conceived and developed from the ground up to deliver an optimal environment for hosting the most demanding requirements for industrial automation, telecommunications, Internet services, process control, medical instrumentation and other business-critical applications. Grounded upon major industry-leading advances in the use of modular architectures and high-reliability designs, all Omnix systems are rigorously designed to deliver optimal performance, reliability and configurability.

One of the primary Omnix innovations is the use of a unique modular backplane design, which can be cost-effectively tailored to provide virtually any combination of ISA and PCI plug-in slots. As a core technology at the heart of the Omnix architecture, the modular backplane concept provides an unprecedented combination of design flexibility, configuration cost control, signal robustness and field maintainability.

Benefit from Incremental Building Block Configurability

Unlike conventional fixed-configuration backplanes that often dictate a costly investment for unused slots or a lack of needed slots, Omnix uses six basic building-block backplane segments that allow all customers to quickly define their own optimized backplane designs.

Pay Only for the Slots You Actually Need

By enabling you to specify the exact number and mix of slots required by your unique application requirements, the Omnix modular backplane completely eliminates the overhead cost of buying unused slots in rigid pre-defined backplane configurations and the inherent limitations of monolithic single-board computers. For example, if your application uses mostly ISA-based cards, why waste money paying for PCI slots that you don't need? Similarly, if your system design primarily makes use of PCI 32 or PCI 64 slots, Omnix allows you to put your investment exactly where your needs are.

Benefit from Rigorous Testing and Design Verification

In order to confirm its signal integrity, the Omnix modular backplane design has undergone rigorous testing, simulation and analysis to ensure consistent performance, even under worse case conditions. These simulations verified stringent clock signal integrity over the full tolerance range with robust monotonic edge integrity and minimal overshoot/undershoot. Simulations on the PCI edge card connector also verified that the pinout noise characteristics are well within the noise budget for 3.3V PCI devices and leave plenty of extra margin to handle other system noise contributors, such as board crosstalk, chip-level ground bounce, etc.

Optimize the System Delivery Process

Because the same core set of flexible modular building blocks are used to create virtually any backplane configuration, ICS Advent can quickly and efficiently fulfill your specific system orders from a ready inventory of backplane sub-components. This means significantly faster delivery times for all standard Omnix systems as well as the ability to rapidly design custom configurations to meet your unique application requirements.

Streamline Field Maintenance and Spare Parts Inventories

Even after you've taken delivery of your systems, the Omnix modular backplane continues paying dividends by greatly simplifying your internal maintenance procedures and spare parts logistics programs. Rather than having to juggle many different fixed-configuration backplanes to support your installed base, the Omnix architecture allows you to leverage an efficient inventory of just a few basic building blocks to support all of your modular backplane systems. Not only are your spare parts inventory costs dramatically reduced; the flexibility and efficiency of your field repair operation can be significantly boosted as well.

Provide for a Cost-effective Upgrade Path

With the Omnix family's modular backplane you also can confidently future-proof your system investments and effectively guard against premature obsolescence. The Omnix modular architecture allows you to quickly define and deploy the optimal configuration to meet your immediate application requirements, and then to simply design in different building block segments as tomorrow's application requirements grow and change.

The Bottom Line

As with all of the innovations included in the Omnix product family, the modular backplane architecture is designed to put the power of choice in your hands, giving you optimal control over the configuration, features and cost needed to support your unique application requirements.

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