Project Management

Project Management

For the successful completion of the project, it is necessary to have a proper management structure in place. The methodology provides some level of project management and control. The key steps taken for project management are as follows:

Division of tasks The project has been broken into a number of areas that each team member is assigned to research and develop. Each team member makes commitments on the work to be done in the short term as per the timetable. This makes is possible to keep track of the progress being achieved. Pair programming is carried out to develop the interfaces between individual components.

Collaborative Development The project is being developed using some elements of XP. This means that the development is collaborative. We use a number of tools to ensure a collaborative working environment. We have standardised on the Eclipse API which has powerful features including a CVS client, automatic code generation, automatic code formatting etc. All development and documentation work done is committed to the CVS server and is available for all project members to view.

Continuous integration The nature of the project demands a continuous refinement and integration of new features and strategies. The flexible project methodology and design tools being used ensure that it is possible to integrate new features as quickly and easily as possible.

Team coordination To ensure that the development process does not lose direction and become fragmented, the work done by the team members must be collaborated. This project is supposed to be in an industrial context, however, the team members are located and work in different locations. Therefore, regular meetings are necessary to ensure coordination and that everybody is aware of the current situation. We aim to meet at least twice a week and sometimes more if the situation demands it. We also have a mail group set up which is used to communicated with the group as a whole.

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