Levitra and a fall in the market

Levitra and a fall in the market

Love or hate the idea of government, one thing’s for sure. A lot of the jobs in government are low-grade. People can be paid to count beans. Fortunately, there are always plenty around to count. Except, sometimes, counting things is useful. For example, knowing how many people are using our heath care services helps plan how many doctors we need and where it’s best to build new hospitals. One of the measures is the number of prescriptions written. It gives us a guide as to the incidence of different diseases and disorders when matched against the statistics provided by the health insurance industry showing the claims made. This information is also seized on by the drug companies and distributors as a good measure of the success of their marketing campaigns. So the latest news about the market for erectile dysfunction drugs is interesting.

When the little blue pills burst on to the market in 1998, it was a revolution. Millions of men who had been hiding away in shame suddenly joined queues to get their prescriptions. When the other two drugs joined in the fray in 2003, the market really took off and until last year, there had been growth year-on-year. Except the rate of increase was slowing. Until last year, there had been only 1% growth per year. In 2010, the number of prescriptions written fell by 5%. The manufacturers are not complaining, you understand. Even with the fall, the value of sales is more than $5 billion.

So what’s happening? The answer comes in several bite-sized nuggets. When the drug first hit the market, there was no reliable online pharmacy industry to offer effective competition. Now the online business is maturing, an increasing number of people buy without a prescription. The second factor is price. If you buy these drugs using a prescription, the retail price is usually more than $12 a pill. This is not a cheap night’s entertainment. Online, you can usually make big savings, even when you add in the shipping. Given the recession, price is a big factor in deciding where to buy. Younger men who experimented with the drugs go back to the natural approach when money is tight. More importantly, many health insurers have dropped ED drugs from their cover. This treats these drugs as “lifestyle” and not “treatment”, requiring you to make co-payments. Finally, no matter what the hype, even the most dedicated of men can find keeping an active sex life does not improve the overall quality of their lives. The statistics show about 45% of the men who ask for a prescription don’t come back to ask for a refill.

The only steady statistic is the prescriptions written for older men. Age is a steady driver of demand. As sexual performance starts to fade, men increasingly turn to ED drugs to keep their erections strong. Of the three drugs, Levitra gives the best response among seniors. However, we do need a slight additional note to keep this real. These drugs will not instantly produce a hard erection for a man who has none. Levitra builds on what you have, giving you the best result it’s possible to achieve given the state of your arteries. At some point, age will win.

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