INTERFISH - Internation Fisheries Exhibition

INTERFISH - Internation Fisheries Exhibition

October 19-22, 2009 to take place in the IEC ‘Crocus Expo’ is the International Fisheries Exhibition INTERFISH which is to become the major industry forum. The organizers of the forthcoming event – the Federal Agency for Fisheries and the International Exhibition operator ‘Staraya Krepost’ LLC – are confirmed that it is to become an annual and a highly prolific event for Russia’s Fishing Industry. The synergetic effect is achieved due to an amalgamation of profound industry knowledge and a highly professional approach to the organization of an international exhibition event. Cooperative efforts ensure a secure basis for the realization of the state-based concept INTERFISH featuring rich business contents together with an original expositional solution of the upcoming event.

According to the statement of the head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Andrey Krayniy, nowadays the industry needs a large scale specialized exhibition. A modern industry exhibition is meant not only to demonstrate fishery products and services provided by the manifold potential of the fishing industry, the priority development lines of the industry and its related domains, but in the first place it aims at stimulating inter-industrial collaboration, as well as promoting interregional and international cooperation. INTERFISH purports to unite the interests of all the industry specialists, including wholesale companies, retail chains, supermarkets and stores, specialized restaurant chains, importers and exporters, distributors and wholesale dealers, fishing and fish processing companies, products developers, package manufacturers, representatives of research companies and professional industry organizations, as well as new market players and authoritative industry experts.

The INTERFISH exhibition aims to provide real opportunities for making fish products available to the consumer, promoting modern logistics and infrastructural solutions, organizing collaboration between operating subjects, expanding cooperation vistas and concluding mutually beneficial contracts. The exhibition is intended to stimulate international research, develop technical and economic relations in the field of fish industry.

INTERFISH event calendar includes:

1. The Economic International Forum “Fishery amelioration, investing and logistic development”. It expects participation of international legislative bodies, fisheries administrations and associations, finance institutes, logistic companies, supermarkets channels.

2. The Round table “State regulation and support of the branch”. It employees to organize the communications between business and state authorities, work out a program of development of the branch and resolve the main problems (by invitation only).

3. The Consultation “Construction of fishery fleet”. The shipyards, equipment, security and navigation systems producers are invited. (Basic tasks for 2009-2010 designated by the chapter of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, A. A. Krayniy: 1st: The cardinal updating of the navy (“for 5 years, beginning within 2009 till 2013, we should construct 34 large-capacity vessels, 51 average-tonnage, 136 small-tonnage vessels. And only for the Far East pull till 2020 we should construct 562 vessels – from small tonnage to large capacity“) and processing infrastructure. The 2nd is the international activity.)

4. The International Conference “The fishery in Russia nowadays”. It employees to demonstrate the actual fishery state and tendencies: processing, packaging, aquaculture, import/export regulation, transport and infrastructure, supermarkets and Horeca, exchanging by experience and cooperation. It is intended to stimulate the joined international research in all fields of fishery, fishery fleet, fish protection, breeding, acqua - and mariculture, etc.

5. The National Competition “The best fish product”.

INTERFISH business schedule envisages urgent issues dealing with the operation of Russia’ fishery industry, ensuring a most comprehensive know-how and information exchange between the congress participants. The connections and partnerships concluded in the run of the business course are to provide an undeniably beneficial effect on the industry development in general.

In accordance with the order issued by the head of the Federal Fisheries Agency Andrey Krayniy, there has been created a working group to undertake the preparation and the organization of the INTERFISH exhibition which is to take place in the International Exhibition Centre ‘Crocus Expo’. The working group includes CEOs of fishery enterprises, industrial associations, trade alliances, members of scientific research and expert community, as well as mass media representatives. The exhibition is sure to offer a vivid demonstration of the investment attractiveness of the fish industry. The forum aims at giving a boost to our fishery companies and entrepreneurs, encouraging them to upgrade their manufacturing facilities, to introduce state-of-the-art food processing technologies, as well as to expand an assortment of quality and safe products meeting the international standards.

INTERFISH offers a quintessence of processes taking place in the fish industry of the Russian economy today. The exhibition represents a dynamic model of the industry current condition, reflecting the actual status quo, changes, achieved results, as well as future development tendencies. ‘Staraya Krepost’ LLC is ready to implement the exhibition philosophy into a distinguished and meaningful event.

Advantages of participating in the INTERFISH exhibition:

A qualitative research and business programme including conferences, panel discussions involving members of state organs and authority representatives, seminars and presentations

An effectively organized programme featuring an efficient and friendly information presentation, offering a choice possibility and providing a maximum feedback for both exhibitors and their guests

Clearly defined exhibition sectors corresponding to the major industry development domains, such as: fishery, fleet and industrial equipmentfish processing aquaculture, Mari culture, breeding and protection of biological water reserves ready products and ingredients transportation and logistics refrigerating equipment and storage facilities new information presentation formats, a convenient layout of the exposition area, making it easier to navigate around in search for the necessary information an active marketing strategy and information maintenance of the event

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