Earn a Massive Side Income As a Realtor Coach

Earn a Massive Side Income As a Realtor Coach

Are you at the top of your game earning considerably more than the average Realtor in today’s economy? You have a golden opportunity to earn even more (practically a passive income) mentoring Realtors that are hungry to achieve your level of success. Interested? This is how it works. You identify the strengths that have enabled you to avoid or overcome the “traps” struggling real estate agents have been victim to. You select a group of Realtors to work with anywhere from those who are struggling to keep their head a float to the top agents just looking for that extra edge, and then you identify the best way to turn your skill/tool into an information product.

Creating the information product enables you to teach hundreds or even thousands of Realtors how to develop the same skills while only requiring you to do the work ONCE. Beautiful concept isn’t it! Of course, you may be thinking. Hey, I worked like a mad man to develop these systems and techniques why in the world would I give it all away just to make a few bucks coaching? In which case my response would be, take a deep breath and relax. You can choose to coach Realtors well outside of your geographic area. There’s also a great side effect. This process of creating a product that makes your systems easy to duplicate actually pushes you to improve therefore driving your career up further.

You have created your first product (a $59-$99 entry level item) that can be sold over and over again while requiring absolutely no additional work from you. Next you will want to create what is affectionately referred to as a continuity program. The beauty of a continuity program is that the income created from it is continuous, hence the name.

There are several different formats that will work for this, some common ones include monthly audio CD’s, monthly newsletters, membership websites with monthly fees, and group coaching programs. My favorite is the membership website. The reason is that once it is built there is minimum upkeep (just add fresh content that you are already using for your own business) once per month, and you can have as many members as you want and you never have to deal with shipping or inventory. Let’s say that you build one that costs $39/month to maintain a membership (very inexpensive).

At the end of the first year of your new business you work up to selling forty $59 items per month. You also manage to build a membership of 120 people on your website. You are now collecting a sweet $2,360 on intro products and $4,680 on your continuity program = $7,040/month not bad for the first year.

Lets assume that by the end of the first year you get a little better and you are selling 90 intro products and $59 each month and you have #300 website members. Now you are collecting $5,310 on intro products and $11,700 on the website, so $17,010 per month total. That comes out to $204,120 over the next 12 months if you don’t increase your numbers at all. I’m sure you are beginning to see that this could be a nice little side income.

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