How did you manage to snag so many ARCs and books in your one year of blogging?

I believe I only really have two left, so here I go:How did you manage to snag so many ARCs and books in your one year of blogging? To be honest, I'm not quite sure. Okay, first of all - last summer I went to ALA and basically snagged about 100 books at the conference. It's a similar conference to BEA, only librarians generally make up most of the population. I also spent a lot of time entering contests and winning ARCs and then I've been fortunate to have a few publishers actually contact me for reviewing ARCs. Most of the ARCs I get are for Tours - I participate in Traveling to Teens, Traveling ARC Tours, and Booking it Forward Tours currently and most of those arcs are only with me for a a week and then they get passed on after I read it. Authors also sometimes contact me via Twitter or email to see if I want to review one of their novels as well. I don't email publishers to ask for certain books because I really have a huge TBR pile in the upper 300s range. That's from buying books, winning books, review books, etc. So, I can't justify asking them, but if they offer and it's something I really want to read, I will say yes. I tend to babble on until my review actually reaches about 500-600 words, so I wonder if you personally think it is OK to write a long review or I better keep it short? I'm all about short reviews if you've seen my blog... but it's really your style. I think it's good to try new things out and see what you feel most comfortable with when reviewing. I feel like yes, I want to tell you what I thought about the book - but I don't like revealing too much about a book, so I keep my reviews very short. Doesn't mean that's the right way, it's just my way and I highly suggest doing whatever you feel most comfortable with. You guys can always email me if you have blogging questions or need advice, or simply want to chat. (dragonzgoil at gmail dot com) I'm on way too much in the summer, so I can get back to you lickity-split. :-D

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