Today I have with me a teen blogger who is really passionate about books and libraries - my kind of person!

Today I have with me a teen blogger who is really passionate about books and libraries - my kind of person! Tell me a bit about yourself. Hi everyone, I'm Taylor! I'm a sixteen year old who's loved reading for as long as I can remember. Reading is my passion, but I also play alto sax in the marching band and my iPod is usually glued to my ears. I have an addiction to People Magazine and Diet Coke. I really love being a part of the blogging community! When and why did you start your blog? I started my blog about four months ago. I'd been reading YA book blogs for about half a year before that, and then one day I decided that I was tired of being left out of all the fun and started my own! I'm so glad that I did, it's a lot of fun and everyone is so nice! What is your blog all about? Any cool features you want to share? My blog is a place where I review almost all of the books that I read, most of them YA. The Library is my book resource of choice, so I don't review many new releases, but I'm fine with that. A good book is a good book, right? It doesn't matter what year it was released. I do In My Mailbox and Waiting on Wednesday, but no other regular memes. I recently introduced a feature on my blog called Top Shelf, where I spotlight some of my favorite books. What are some of your favorite genres and/or books currently? I love all genres in YA, but I have a soft spot for Historical Fiction. I love Harry Potter and anything by Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen. Those are my comfort reads; what I know that I'll enjoy reading, whether it's the first time or the fifth. How do you find out about the books you read? Before my blogging days I would just walk into a bookstore/the library, and browse, picking out what I thought looked good. Sometimes that ended up badly. Now almost all of the books that I read I've seen on a blog somewhere. That's not to say that I don't just randomly pick library books off the shelves, because I do that too. =DAny tips or advice for those starting or thinking about starting a blog? If you're thinking about it, do it. If you don't, every time you read someone else's blog you're going to be going "I could do that." If you just do it, you'll be happy that you put yourself out there. If you're just starting out, comment comment comment! Not only is it a really nice thing to do, but it will get your blog out there and recognizable. Also, enjoy what you're doing. If you don't like doing it, no one is going to want to read it. Thank you Taylor for that great advice and sharing all about you and your blog! If you're interested in being a spotlighted blogger, please fill out this form.

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