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Blog Design by Blog Designers - The Blog Studio Tweet this It’s time for hotDOCS to take over Toronto nightlife and descend on selected screens for an amazing ten days of escapism, exploration and globalization. Here at The Blog Studio, we have been eagerly anticipating hotDOCS arrival and wanted to weigh in on our top picks as well as welcome aficionados of our blog to do the same. We just finished reading through what hotDOCS has to offer this year and are excited for the documentaries that deal with design and social media, but beyond that there are several creations that engage with unique topics and perspectives that we are super excited about. For those new to the Hot DOCS scene, it’s the biggest docu-festival in all of North American and this year it runs from April 29-May 9th. There are also plenty of opportunities to network and express yourself if you are a budding or seasoned filmmaker through the Kickstart Sessions happening on May 5th. Delegates will learn from industry leaders on how to develop their work as well as write and produce film projects. But if you prefer to be spectator and focus on the festival’s entertainment it looks like you will definitely not be disappointed. There are over 170 films to choose from and over 40 countries being represented through historical, docu-dramas, tech and art house films. Here are some of our picks: A Different PathA documentary about social activism in regards to green methods of transportation and preserving urban space for people not cars. Beyond IpanemaA doc that traces the influence and spread of Brazil’s music and its rich and diverse cultural roots that culminate in the awesome sounds of Samba and Bossa Nova. BabiesChronicling the first year of four beautiful babies from Tokyo, Namibia, San Francisco and Mongolia in an exploration of connectedness and “blissful observation.” Dish: Women, Waitressing and the Art of ServiceDish illuminates the art and lifestyle of women in Paris, Toronto, Montreal’s most chic eateries and the culture and gender politics surrounding gastronomy. Blank CityThe history of punk rock and indie films from its genesis on the Lower East Side of New York and the characters surrounding the No Wave Scene and the Cinema of Transgression. Critical Mass Speaker SeriesThe hotDOCS speaker series that allows a rare opportunity to watch high profile critics engage with media critics about the industry. This year’s series features Eric Friesen and Sasha Frere Jones. Disco and Atomic WarBest Doc Winner at the Warsaw International Film Fest, this film shows that amidst the Cold War and the heavy hand of the Iron Curtain the Estonian people’s spirit rang through—they rigged their tv sets to plug into western pop culture and DANCED. Sins of my FatherThe psychological negotiations of Sebastien Marroquin—son of the infamous gangster Pablo Escobar—as he tries to make peace with his father and ultimately, with himself. The World According to Ion BVita Brevis, Ars Longa—the tale of a Romanian street artist discovered at age 62 and is now being hailed the next Andy Warhol. The Blog Studio will definitely be front and centre at the festival checking out these documentaries and more. So…which docs are you excited about? Which ones are people buzzing about? Feel free to post your comments and recommend some other docs to check out during the festival. And if you are curious to check out the entire hotDOCS 2010 lineup please visit the hotDOCS website.

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