I miss having a baby.

I miss having a baby. It’s been five years ago since this precious 6.1-lb-newborn arrived in our lives. My arms and the daddy’s were the best baby slings that time that we can let her use. Ha ha ha. I love reminiscing how easy it was to hold her comfortably because she was so tiny. Now, five years after that, I can complain already of how heavy she is. When she was an infant and a toddler, I think I have only used the baby sling and baby carrier that we got for her for less than five times only. I preferred holding her directly and the carrier was only used by the husband when we went for a hiking at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. I am no expert when it comes to choosing the perfect baby sling for you. See, every mom differs in the taste and desire of what to prefer best. Personally, I like this baby sling in the photo below for an infant that is light enough for one shoulder: New Maya Wrap Baby Sling I love its design, I think it is so fashionable enough for a young and hip mom. Like me? Hmm… The husband and the people around me will decide on that! Lol. I love its color, too. I think this year is a green year for me because I have shifted to green as my dominant choice of hue most of the times. I love the mom’s hairstyle as well! I wish I will look good on such ‘do, too, because I am planning to cut my hair short soon. I think I only lack the baby in my hands. We are working on it so I hope soon, there will be a positive pregnancy test result for us! As for the baby sling choices, if you are looking for one, you might want to check out babysling. com! They have a whole lot of styles for you to select from! Yay, I miss Girls Talk! I’m glad to be able to be back this week because the theme is so cool: Dream Kitchen or Kitchen Wishes! It is so perfect for me having just moved in to a new residency. Being the house boss, er, the house maid and altogether the house cook and chef, the kitchen is the most special place for me. No wonder I’ve never gotten rid of these extra bells in my tummy because of my kitchen which is just a few steps away. Lol. Apartment lifestyle is not my dreamed lifestyle because there are so many restrictions. However, it is what we can afford for now so I shall live with it daily until “that” time. Like I have shared for a gazillion times, we have just moved in to a new residency. The place that we left was a brand-new apartment complex– we were the very first occupant in that 1,20 sq. ft. unit so we were really lucky to have devirginized all the new amenities there. Here in our new place, the unit is old, and only a few stuff are updated. Plus, this unit is a bit smaller (1,100 sq. ft.) compared to the old one so it a challenge for me to be able to organize my stuff. Reason why until now, I still am not done yet. Ha ha ha. Anyway, my dream kitchen is either of these two: Image grabbed only Image grabbed only Waaaah! Seeing those photos above makes my heart jump for joy and not. I love a spacious kitchen, open to a fresh atmosphere and view, and with sturdy materials and simple yet elegant designs. For now, these images of my “dream” kitchen shall remain to be as such. The husband, as my number one fan and costumer in everything that I cook, has promised me that he will try to make me the real kitchen closest to what I want. He’s been drawing a lot of home designs as part of keeping his engineering skills alive and he would often tell me that he will let the interior designs all up to me. What a dream, right? Lol. For now, I shall continue to perform my cook/chef role in this small kitchen that we have here in our new residency. My empty kitchen, on the day we moved in! Now, my counters are already filled with stuff. And I can’t show you my dining yet because the clutter is still unimaginable. He he he. It may be a small kitchen, but it can’t stop me from making those meals that satisfy my housemates!

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