Oh, to be a work-at-home mom!

Oh, to be a work-at-home mom! Instead of having Sunday as a free day, mine is actually spent in my rewarding online jollification! Yep, not dilly-dallying at all! My proof? Some extra moolah in my Paypal! I actually am grateful that today, our temperature is still below zero, like it was in the previous days and it will still be in the coming days. Although it is dreadful to deal with the freezing conditions, I am looking at the positive side of it wherein we are stopped in going somewhere. Being stuck at home gives me extra time to mind my online rackets without disturbance because the husband is around to take over and enjoy his “daddyhood” role. Earning money from home is worth it! Aside from blogging, being one of the ZNZ Network Referral Agents is what keeps me up. And the most recent gig I am into is my Web Consultant job. I am still on a training mode for it and although it is challenging on my part to learn new things, skills, and terms in the new job, I am determined to pass the training stage so that I can make it to the “real” employment status. My housemates knocked on my door as I was concentrating earlier and reminded me to have fun and not be too serious with work and I thought of making a “selfie”. Lol. Selfie as I had the time! Lol. And then I am reminded of my textbooks that need to be tackled as well. My schooling has been set aside for days now and I am fighting to not ignore it for good! As a parent that has plenty of things to do in a day, I can only wish that it is Sunday every day! Lol. I may be stuck at home today because of the temperature in the negatives but I am definitely now lazying around! So much to do but so little time! And I am thankful that I get to do stuff in just the comfort of my own home! How about you– how is your Sunday so far? A vehicle here in the United States is not a luxury but a necessity. If it is the former, my husband and I would never have invested in one. But since it is truly a need, we had to. For our part, being approved on a car mortgage was as easy as one, two, three. That’s because for years now, we have managed to maintain a pretty good credit rating so when we decided to get our very first and second vehicle, we didn’t really have a problem in the process. Even if we didn’t get our Dodge Grand Caravan from asankacars, still, we were guaranteed by a fast and efficient service. The minivan that we have now is not really the best that we can get for our family, gas-wise. However, it permitted us in our tight budget and its features were exactly the ones that we need as a family that loves to travel on the road a lot. However, we are also looking for another vehicle, a compact auto, that we can get buy in the near future. It will be the car of our dreams which I can best describe as one that can make us spend the littlest on gas. A BMW Sedan? I can’t say NO but it is not really the number one in the list. However, many among my friends do consider this as the car of their dreams! Good choice, yes! After all, you can’t go wrong with BMW, right? However, the catch is, these friends do have a somewhat undesirable credit scores which might make them unable to be approved on getting the car that they have been really wanting to drive regularly. A bad credit rating is not something that can stop you from getting the car that you badly want and that’s what asankacars can help you with. They offer car financing to customers who have bad credit rating and they actually have a huge selection of pre-owned luxury vehicles. Isn’t it nice that in today’s economic hardships, there are still reliable companies out there than can help us achieve what we want? And when it comes to car ownership problems because of a bad or no credit rating at all, car dealerships like asankars are that dependable!

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