In Memory of My Uncle C

In Memory of My Uncle C Today, when I woke up in the morning, I was met with a sad news from back home. My older sister in Davao left a text message in my roaming phone and a note in my Facebook inbox informing me at first to keep myself calm and easy. And then added, “Our dearest Uncle Cressing finally took his last breath” June 12, 3pm Philippine time, at their home in Bagontaas, Valencia City in Bukidnon. It is something that I am not surprised to hear at all because for one, death is inevitable. Secondly, our Uncle has gotten so weak this past few months following health complications including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problem. He has been in and out of the hospital since October of last year and I understood how tough it was for him to hold on given that only his medications kept him going. I have been praying also that he won’t suffer much. I guess God heard my prayers and many others’. When I last talked to him on the phone, I told him to hang in there because I want to see him again and let him meet my husband and our new baby. He has already met Triz when we visited him in December of 2009. Apparently, there will be no more reunions for us anymore. Not until Jesus comes again and will raise the dead in Christ. What breaks my heart so bad with Uncle C’s death is that he is the only remaining brother of my father. When I was growing up, I witnessed how closed he was to my Papa. My father was their youngest sibling and I saw how much he loved my father. He cried when my Papa passed away 15 years ago and assured us that he can be our father if we needed one. We loved Uncle C like our own Dad and he knew it. I remember my father telling me that Uncle C was the smartest among his siblings. They grew up poor and Uncle C, being the oldest, has to work in the field with their parents and skip a year of schooling. When he returned to school the following year, he would be accelerated and would be able to catch up those who studied a year ahead of him. I was so impressed knowing about it. He was also very talented; he has many tricks and wonderful stories to tell, a very good speaker, a singer, and could play the Harmonica really well. He was a church elder during his healthy years and was a church deacon for 12 years until he was asked to retire from such position. He insisted not to retire because he said he wanted to die having a church position serving God in his remaining days. I am at peace knowing that like my Papa, Uncle C took his final breath as a soul ready to surrender his spirit to his Maker. The Bible says that death is but a sleep and when Jesus comes again, He will raise the dead in Christ from the grave to be with Him for eternity. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17. For now, it’s a good night rest for my Uncle until that resurrection morning! I am comforted with such Biblical promise!

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