Lolë White Yoga & Social Media Wins

Lolë White Yoga & Social Media Wins It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that I love yoga on another level – a level I believe anyone who practices regularly would feel. My life dream is to have everyone practice yoga and meditate daily in the same way we ritually brush our teeth or comb our hair. One of my life’s goals is to integrate technology and social media into socially conscious initiatives, with brands that promote healthy living and with companies that are submersed in the culture of mindfulness. Similar to the brand Lolë I am also committed to changing the shape of the world through a wellness revolution. Similar to the brand Lolë I am also committed to changing the shape of the world through a wellness revolution. A bunch of us at The Blog Studio attended the Lolë White Yoga Session together because of our commitment with each other to infuse as much health and wellness into our everyday lives. I have my eyes and ears open at all times, watching what brands are doing and how some focus on bringing the spirit of calm and peace into a fast paced, tech loving world. It’s always a challenge breaking through the noise and bringing people together on and offline in a positive way. Last weekend approx. 2,000 guests participated in a yoga class in the pouring rain all dressed in white dedicated to peace. To have that many people gather together in the pouring rain committed to sharing an experience together without speaking or running for cover made it the most powerful experience many had ever been a part of. It didn’t hurt that the class was led by one of Toronto’s best yoga instructors and Lolë ambassador, Grace Dubery. Of course no matter how much I want to submerse myself in a moment my eye is always going to be watching out for social media opportunities occurring around any event I attend. I’m also intrigued by the different type of VIP experiences that occur when attending events and this one was definitely positive. Sometimes we (social media peeps) try so hard to come up with ideas that ensure people will share content online when attending our client’s events. We can look at things from all angles and spend huge budgets but most of the time it’s just a simple and easy idea that wins that day. Lolë had placed numerous large scale picture frames around the event. They were a great hit and people were lined up to take their pictures in them. Throughout the weekend and still to this day images are appearing online of people sharing their framed looks. What I loved most about this was that everyone was having such a fantastic time with the frames and at the end of the day having fun associated with your brand is always a win. Another idea I enjoyed that brought an offline connection online was a card placed in each gift bag that you could fill out and share with a stranger. You could write down a message of peace for them but you could also do this online. The gift bags had clearly branded information that could guide you to all of Lolë’s web properties and between the branded bag filled with free giveaways and the whole event branded in their colours they ensured you’d always have fond memories of them.

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