My family, in our leisure time, would always want to spend those hours and days enjoying each other’s company and lending our helping hand to others

My family, in our leisure time, would always want to spend those hours and days enjoying each other’s company and lending our helping hand to others. With the latter, we often do community service and volunteerism at some of the places here in town that do community services. Our daughter, as young as she is right now, already know what “helping” and “giving back” means. She also knew that someday, we would go on a missionary trip together. And yes, she is looking forward to that. As for the leisure time, a vacation is what we always think of doing. We love traveling to places we haven’t been to and we enjoy seeing things and faces for the first time. Jaco Costa Rica Vacations sound really inviting and great right now, especially that the cold weather has already begun here in our neck of the woods. Experiencing life in the tropics would be great, even if it is not in our home country at all. The husband has already tasked me to find for place for us to go to come Thanksgiving Break. He knew full well how the daughter and I and him as well badly need a break. It has been a tiring and stressful month for us right now due to the “move” that’s taking place, and so a vacation is mostly welcomed in our family. Wherever we will go, in the tropics or not, as long as we’re together, it will always be a grand vacation! It’s been a while since I wrote any development that our daughter has made. Life has been pretty hectic schedule-wise these days given our current moving status, homeschooling program, and all these household chores that never end. Lol. I did am able to write a little update though of our homeschooling program after a month of being on it. You can read about it here. One thing that’s worth saying is, we are doing great, and nope, no positive pregnancy test result YET! Anyway, this post isn’t about anything else other than the lovely dress that our 5-year-old daughter is wearing in the photo. I have been looking for a white “something” to share for this week’s Wednesday Whites meme and my mouse hovered me to the album of Triz’s 5th Birthday and this dress was given buy Tita Anah and family: The funny story behind this present is really funny. Why? Because Triz’s birthday was on July 4th. So we had our guests came over on the afternoon of that day to get together here at our home and feast on the foods that I prepared. Anah’s family live in WI Rapids, some 40 minutes from our place and because she has 3 kids with her, she totally forgot to bring her present that day because of too much in hand. Lol. Which was alright of course! She promised to bring it the next time, and that weekend, she had to come to join us in our picnic at the park and then again, she forgot the bag with the present on it. The next weekend, she had to come again because we invited them to a swimming session at the pool here in town and again, she forgot to carry with her the present, again. And again, still the next weekend. The fifth time, she begged to come and do some cookout together just so she can bring the present again without any forgetting and that’s when the celebrant finally was able to see what Tita Anah has for her. It was this lovely dress which Triz loved so she had to wear it for church the following Sabbath: I thought she looks beautiful in the equally lovely dress, don’t you think? Of course I am biased on that! Hahaha. Thanks Tita Anah! Though very much delayed, it still is gorgeous!

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