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Posted by rarejonrez Two months from now, our daughter Triz will turn five years old. I can tell that more than ever, she is getting more and more ready to become a kindergarten girl. Like many kids her age, her curiosity brings her to a vast space of imagination and she expresses things with more desire and vibrancy towards the flow of life. Her neverending questions tell us of a different kind of wit. Her inquisitiveness has raised to the highest level giving us a hard time to answer some of her questions that often are beyond answerable. A lot of whats and whys and hows– anyone? She has continued to make a greater impact on my thinking and my whole person than many of the adults I have met. Indeed, after giving birth to her almost five years ago, she has left infancy to become a one fine toddler, and now, a schooler! Her ability to express her own self - from her wants and needs to her frustrations and joys is just amazing. And yes, she is one kind of an inventor! Just this morning, she invented a TV set made of a carton box telling us that we better use such kind of TV so we don’t have to pay for our cable and electricity! Of course, she’s the performer, as always! Lol. In short, this little child of ours makes life so fulfilling and worth-living! Her innocent spirit is one that awakens the very theme of a magnanimous universe, where the world is a place of exploration and a source of knowledge for one’s individual curiosity. I, along with the husband are doing our very best to take great care and to ensure that her environment is one that is conducive to such adventures, so she has no reason to fear the fact that disaster waits around every corner. In observing Triz’s approach to the world around her, my premises about children have been shaken to their very core. It’s true, I have had a lot of nieces and nephews surrounding me. And so does the dad. And I am blessed to have had the time to get acquainted with them first before I bore my own child. But sure, it’s different when it’s your own. There is no doubt how much I love kids. I adore them. I’m used to taking care of them because I sort of became a parent to many of my nieces, too. But I’ve always had a different feeling when it comes to motherhood. And when I became one, everything seemed to change in an instant. Children, as far as my observation is concerned, are often so abhorrent, and I’ve been unable to fathom torturing myself in such fashion. It never occurred to me that there might be other alternatives to parenting; ones that defy everything we think we know. Now that I became a mother, I realized and learned them all. Don’t get me wrong though, I know that being a young mother that I am, I still have a lot to learn and discover. But for now, I am able to say that I am so thankful that this daughter of mine never gives me headaches! Lol. She is so easy to get along with; instilling in her the “good” things that she must do is simply effortless. She is more than what I asked for for a child and I sure hope that she’ll grow to be obedient continually. I must say letting her understand Ephesians 6:1 works well! Also, appreciating her about every good things that she does boosts her personality so with all sincerity, I let know how much I appreciate how “good” of a daughter she and how proud I am of her, all the time. She is able to reciprocate those words well and it’s very delightful. And yes, she will be a great big sister in time!

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