Progressive Parenting

Progressive Parenting I picked up a jar of cookie cutter set the when I came across one at one aisle in Walmart and Triz was so delighted to realize that it was ours. She thought I bought for somebody else as a gift as she always found out but this time, she was so thankful that I finally bought something for the two of us. See, ever since we moved in to our new place over two months ago, we have never baked together yet. I have all by myself when I feel like munching some sweets, and she and her Dad have baked their own version of a homemade bread as well but never the two of us. So she was thrilled that we have something new that will give us fun in the kitchen together. Last Friday night, we did our Mommy-daughter time together as we made use of our new apparatus. Every Friday night, as the Sabbath dawns, I always make sure that we do something fun and worthy activity together to welcome the special Sabbath day ahead. Holiday cookie baking time I posted it on Facebook as my sweet virtual treat to a friend who was celebrating her and her husband’s 3rd wedding anniversary that day and to my sister-in-law who also celebrated her birthday and because I made them and some of my FB friends drool, I am so sorry! LOL. I asked my friend who lives in Katy Texas if she’ll be needing the help and assistance of a Katy Junk removal company after Christmas. That’s after all the Christmas presents are opened and all all the junks have to go. Her reply? “We will see!” I actually know what she meant. She is looking forward to upgrade her appliances that are now old and that would mean Santa should be giving her a new fridge, a new gas range, and a new laundry machines. If Santa will be kind enough on and to her, then she can get rid of the old ones and that would mean needing the service of a junk removal expert! How about you, guys? When’s the last time that you seek the help of a junk removal company? I remember we did over two years ago when we got rid of the old tires of our van. We just couldn’t leave it by the garbage bin for the garbage collectors to pick up because it is a No-No so we have to get rid of them ourselves. And then, when we moved out from Illinois, we had a lot of stuff that needed to go, too. I just realized how fortunate we were for having an access to junk removal companies in town.

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