Parenting Techie Kids

Parenting Techie Kids This week’s Mommy Moments is about Techy Tips. I thought I am asked to share tips about buying a gadget or what, because if I am, I wouldn’t be credible enough. Thank God I am wrong! Lol. Mommy Chris shared her tips on dealing with a kiddo who is techie or managing quality time together as a family away from those techie gadgets out there so that’s what I am going to do, too. First of all, how lucky are the children in today’s age as they’re already very exposed to the world of high technology, don’t you think? When I was growing up, we didn’t have TV at all. We only have that super old radio for drama and local news purposes and yet, life was fun and full of joy. I must say kids these days should be able to experience such kind of lifestyle, too, so they can appreciate the things that we parents have gone through. We always tell our daughter what our experiences were when we were growing up, and what she has right now compared to what her cousins have back home, and I think it serves her well because she learns to be very appreciative of what she has. Triz on her iPod Touch Triz is into her iPod Touch these days. I don’t know until when she will be enjoying it but as far as techie things are concern, it is what occupies her time when I let her mind it. She doesn’t play video games at all. We have a Wii System (Sports and Fit) but she would only cheer for me and the Dad when we play. The old laptop I got is now in her study table, but access to it is just Starfall, PBSKids, and Youtube where her shows are very much censored and selected– pure academics and religious songs which we are into. The same thing she does in her iPod Touch– her academic shows, songs, and informative videos. And NO, I don’t let her hold the thing for as long as she wants. I don’t even let her use it when we are traveling because when we drive, I let her see the nature outside because it’s a great way to enjoy the trip. To be more precise, these are the tips that I can share for all of you moms out there who have techie kids: Technology, whether it be TV, Video games, and so many kinds of gadgets isn’t the only means to enjoy life. As a matter of fact, it can be a source of boredom which too many kids are so good in complaining of. Technology is good, but they should be used in the most appropriate way– fostering good communication and relationship. When a kid is allowed to own or use a gadget or a techie toy, it shouldn’t be for all time. Personal bonding like chatting, laughing together, wresting, cooking, and playing, etc. is still the best! Nothing can beat the awesome time we spend with our loved ones when we listen to each other’s stories. When it comes to Social Networking sites, I don’t recommend minor children to be using Facebook and the likes. Facebook is a way of taking out the time that kids can enjoy offline. At the end of the day, a parent should always be the one leading the way. When I say kids should be this and that, I myself as a parent should do those things, too, because I always believe that kids learn by example. When my daughter is awake, she knows that Mamang is a blogger and has to take care of online things, so she understands. But, she also sees in me that I try to manage my time wisely by being on the computer only when all my household chores are done and all of my housemates’ needs are already being taken cared of. In other words, a parent’s priority should always be the child(ren) and I can only hope that I get to practice this for all time.

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