I have been pretty busy with our homeschooling session

I have been pretty busy with our homeschooling session. As a matter of fact, I haven’t updated my homeschooling blog yet, even if I already have tons to share. Oh well, it can wait. So, many have been asking me about the status of our homeschooling program. When it comes to the lessons that we have, my 5-year-old Advanced Kindergartner is now pretty advanced in everything. In her Working with Number lesson, we are now in the Greater than - Less than topic. In our Phonics, we are now learning about Digraph. Remember, my homeschooler is only 5 years old, and so I was shocked and amazed to turn in the pages of her textbooks and realized that the topics and lessons that she is learning are actually that for higher grade levels already. Just unbelievable! I am thankful that I have enough materials to cater to her inquisitive mind and wandering hands. The Kindergarten Worksheets as well as the Instructor’s manuals supplied in this homeschooling package for Advanced Kindergarten curriculum, I must say, are worth it! Of course, the husband, being a university professor, is an advantage, because he gets to teach a wide subjects of information when it comes to using supplementary props for our student. There are online resources as well that I visit a lot. Printables. scholastic. com is a good recommendation! The only downside with homeschooling your child is that she doesn’t get to hang out with her peers anytime. I cross such boundary though every Saturday when she attends Sabbath School at church and every week, too, when we go to the Children’s Library and Children’s Museum here in town. It’s all been good news so far, and that is a great news in itself! What could be a perfect Mommy Moment than claiming my own “me-time” that I absolutely deserved? Last Thursday, right after the husband got home from school, I took the car keys (we only have one car) and told my wonderful (sipsip mode, LOL) hubby that I got so stressed and felt so awful after Trojan virus crashed my desktop computer that noon disabling me to do “my thing” online. Thus, I need to get out from the house. So I did, and off I headed to Eclips Styling House and claimed my “me-time” that day. It felt divine! Darn computer virus! It actually gave me a hard time doing my assigned tasks that I had to decline some assignments and some even got expired. Now, I am back to my 10-month-old desktop with an Operating System restored and reformatted to its default factory setting so yeah, you can imagine how tough it is to lose all those important files and bookmarked sites unsaved and un-backed up, right? I am just thankful that my portable hard drive never lost any single photo I got. Last Thursday may have been a bad day for me, but it gave me a reason to escape for a couple of hours and give my feet the reason to be happy. My last trip to the salon was last Mother’s Day (hubby’s and daughter’s treat) so I had a grand time indeed last Thursday when someone would do the cleaning and painting on my toenails without an aching back after. Ha ha ha. I regularly have a sore back every month, when I do the thing myself. It cost me $45, for a foot spa and pedi and tip. That much, but it was worth it, although NOT really when I came home and saw my dead computer again! Hahaha. I’m so late for Mommy Moments and for bloghopping to the entries in the memes that I have joined but with a restored and reformatted desktop now, I shall try to really make it on your entries, fellas! Thanks for understanding and I hope everyone gets to have a grand time for the remaining hours of the weekend!

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