How important is a friend to you? How do you care for a special friend?

How important is a friend to you? How do you care for a special friend? My friend Eds and I have only known each other for only three years, and yet, we’ve already shared so many things, issues, and secrets in life. She’s based in Illinois right now, at the place where we used to live, but every holiday, when her husband’s busy schedule can fit in, they would drive up here in Central Wisconsin and spend a short vacation with us. I always enjoy having them over and we are like the long lost sisters because we both have so many common things in us. Eds (in blue) and I, on their very first visit here in our place in the summer of 2010. She was 4 months pregnant with their son in this snap The fact that we both go the same church and believe in the same values and Biblical principles plus we sing the same songs made us easily stick with each other. We only met through her husband, a Bulgarian who is based in Illinois working at a huge insurance company there and who happen to go the same church like we do. I was so surprised when I learned that he was dating a Filipina and that’s when I got hooked with Eds, even before they married and she was still in Korea serving as a missionary there. Friendship became so special to us. We communicate daily and we exchange our thoughts regularly. We pray for each other and laugh and be merry at each other’s joys as well as cry at our burdens and sadness. I guess that’s what friends should be. A couple weeks ago, I received a package from her with this attached card which I found to be so lovely. It’s a personalized card which she herself made and now, I’ll share it here: The quote is: "God's love can't be measured. It goes on and on and on.... Sure enough, God’s love couldn’t be measured! And I love how she was able to come up with such creative design! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, eh? The inside fold is even lovelier because it comes with a very heartwarming message! Pink love! Oh, how lucky and blessed I am for the friendship I have found in Eds! I was so touched to read her notes and personal and handwritten messages like this always gives me a sense of fulfillment. It’s a realization that at some point in my life, there are friends near and far whom I have touched and who has touched me in at one point or more. Indeed, friends are special and they make life more colorful, don’t you think so? I look forward to having them over in April. They’ve planned a trip up here again and as always, it’s great having them around! My 46th entry to the 366 Blog Photo Challenge Red Hot Thursday It’s the weekend! Guess what? I am so looking forward to this time! The weekend is my family’s perfect bonding moment because it is our family’s happy times and one of the things that we enjoy is doing karaoke here at home! Those blue microphones would have been perfect, but for now, my magic sing microphone will do. My daughter has once expressed though her desire to own this set of a microphone package for her shows and recording segment and I am planning of getting her this in the future. Blue BLUE Dragonfly Microphone Package There are many kinds of stuff that we can let our children use while they experiment on things. For my little performer around here, a microphone is a good thing. Reminds me of my time when I enjoyed using the microphone at the studio when I did my practicum back in college. That was a microphone at a radio station though. Now, my daughter’s preference for a mic is for singing. Indeed, I have an aspirant singer right here!

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