I have mentioned at my post the other day that we headed to the mall to look for Father’s Day presents and Triz and I succeeded in it

I have mentioned at my post the other day that we headed to the mall to look for Father’s Day presents and Triz and I succeeded in it. The funny thing was, we did buy the shirts that we got for the fathers in our lives BUT, it was the very husband’s credit card that I used in paying for them at the counter. Lol. I was gonna pay for it using my own money, but because the husband has insisted to pay everything altogether, I was able to save! HAH! He didn’t know and see what we got for him though as he’s not really into checking what the stuff that I am buying so it still was a surprise. Shopko has this rack of Father’s Day shirts originally priced for $15.99 but were on sale that week for $7.99. I chose this for my Pa-in-law because he deserves to be called the best grandpa; after all, he’s the only biological grandpa that my daughters have gotten to know and spend time with. Triz was so thrilled to realized that we’re mailing the shirt to Las Vegas so she immediately made a Father’s Day card with her impressive way of writing her personal message. I was betting that her Lolo Canor will be shedding tears of joy when he gets to see the present. You see, he is one emotional and sensitive old folk! And… I was right! The happy recipient of the “World’s Best Grandpa” shirt shouted “Thank you Tiara and Triz!” at Facebook! When he received it Friday afternoon, he quickly wore it and even chose to wear it to church during Vesper and showed it to friends at church who also knew us. We learned from Ma-in-law that he has bragged to the folks at church that the shirt was Triz’s and Tiara’s present to him. And he reaped so many praises for having thoughtful and sweet granddaughters. That’s my proud father-in-law! Lol. Meanwhile, inasmuch as I desired to treat the husband to a chore-free day today, I wasn’t able to do just that because he got up earlier than I did and happily watched Tiara while I still snuggled in bed. Until 10am. Fortunately, I already prepared last night the shirt that we got for him, wrapped it, along with the handmade card that Triz made for her awesome Daddy! I was still asleep when Triz handed it to him but he waited till I got up before opening it. He knew that we got him a shirt but didn’t expect that the text would read “World’s Greatest Dad”. So the element of surprise was still there. You know, my lifetime would never be enough to spend it loving this man that God has blessed me with to be my husband and my children’s father. He is remarkable and admirable in every little way except when he concentrates in playing chess online. Lol. Kidding aside, I thanked him today for being the best partner in creating our beautiful daughters (hehe) and in parenting them. I thank him for setting the standard high for her girls to someday choose a man that they will marry. Our daughter Triz, as young as she is right now, told me a few times in the past, “Mom, I love Daddy so much because he makes us laugh and tells me great stories and takes care of you the best especially when you are sick. When I marry, I would find a man that’s just exactly like him.” There. If she does it, I wouldn’t be that worried at all for my daughter. Lol. My friends often compliment me as one supermommy. Today, I must shout to the world that indeed, I am, because I have a superhusband who are my daughters’ SUPERDADDY!

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