Today, I woke up with a grateful heart being so contented with life surrounded by these three souls I am blessed to have as my housemates

Today, I woke up with a grateful heart being so contented with life surrounded by these three souls I am blessed to have as my housemates Yep, I was the last one to get up and it was wonderful that way because it felt like I was able to sleep in the very right side of the bed when the “Good morning, Mang!” greeting served as my alarm clock. Last night, the husband and I were just talking about how time flew by very quickly. As we laughed about how fun our daughters are despite their different personalities, we realized that the second month of the year is ending and our second daughter is growing very fast as well! Yes, our July 28th baby is officially 19 months old today! What a blessing and a joy! Tiara is 19 months old! She is getting more and more clever each day, more and more daring, more and more fun and sweet, and is our most favorite baby in the world! Lol. She is so unique, so loud, such a huge risk-taker, and her bossy-ness has mellowed down. I said that because she is less of a boss now. When before she won’t take NO for an answer, by and by, she has learned that Mamang, Daddy’s and Ate’s “NO” are good for her. She takes most of my time away and she is definitely worth it! She won’t let me do my school works, my blogging, and anything else that doesn’t include or involve her when she’s awake. She wants to always have a role or a part in whatever I do. She is only a toddler, yes, but there are so many things that she tries to do as if she is a grown-up. Her antics are simply amazing and she could be our TV show for an entire day. It is what makes our home even more lively and full of laughter. She can already count 1 to 5 and can already follow you when you let her do ABC till Z. Like the Ate, she loves books, music, and The Wiggles. Lol. Today, I am one thankful mom because another day has come for my own offspring to be a recipient of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Life is short and fast, and although as parents, we would love to have our children remain as babies, fact is, they won’t, so it’s best to enjoy them while they are kids. We definitely enjoy our Tiara’s presence and we pray for God’s guidance and provision of everything that matters to her and for her. How about you– what are you thankful for today? For the archive of the daily posts, you may visit here. When we got our 7-year-old daughter her first ever real guitar over four months ago, she was so ecstatic because she has been wishing for one for almost a year before that. I think her excitement made her so willing to practice for a longer time when she doesn’t have anything else to do. Which is a good thing of course! But, after looking at her first ever video playing the guitar, I realized that she needs something else now that the guitar is here! That is, a good wooden music stand for her pieces! I have started looking for one, but I found them a bit pricey for just a stand so I thought to myself that I will just wait till I see one that’s on sale. This is my 7-year-old aspiring guitarist just barely three weeks since the guitar was bought: [embedded content] Now, over four months later, there have been many improvements. And, I can only hope that that she will remain to be really interested to learn some more. With a heavier guitar that she uses, a stand will definitely be a perfect purchase!

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