This past few weeks, I have been complaining of back pains

This past few weeks, I have been complaining of back pains. Even with the TLCs that my housemates are giving me, still, the aches linger. I don’t want to keep on complaining about it and so I’ve panned of spending more time in the treadmill. The husband had been very kind in buying me the “comfort” shoes for walking that’s so “in” these days and it has served me well so far. However, treadmilling became so enduring when I do it alone. Lol. So last week, as we headed to the sports section of this particular store to buy ourselves a set of Badminton for our regular summer routine, I let myself roam around the exercise/fitness aisle of the store and decided to pick two 5-lbs-each of those small yet mighty dumbbells. It wasn’t planned at all, but when I tried lifting them up, it felt so good in my arms. To make the story short, just the some 5 minutes of roaming that aisle became an instant “me-time” for me, which, I reckoned would give me good results! So now, I’d like to introduce to you my small but mighty friends: the two 5-lbs-each dumbbells which are the cool result of a very short me-time while at the store. Quite a steal, huh? And since then, my exercise routine has become even more complex (read: complicated)! Ha ha ha. I actually don’t follow a regular regimen, but I try to spend at least 20 minutes of a very mixed and messed up routine to give my muscles some stretch. The gym isn’t really my thing, so my best option is to bring the gym to my home. But please, don’t ask me if I’ve shed any pounds off! I’ve gotten so tired already of pushing myself to the limit with no results at all so my moves are purely for a healthy heart and a little sweat off. The other “good” result will definitely be a bonus! Shared for: One thing about me that I’ve vocally expressed in my blogs is my desire to become a registered nurse. Regrettably, I didn’t take this degree when I went to college and so now, it seems like I am in a very late phase of my journey. However, I won’t let the time and my age (LOL) stop me from pursuing such dream. As a mother now, I shall take one step at a time hoping that I can become a nurse before I reach 40 years old! Ha ha ha. Seriously, I’d really love to be wearing those very comfortable cotton nursing scrubs for my regular work. It doesn’t matter which department I’ll work, the most important thing is for me to be able to fully express my passion in nursing the most effective and efficient way. Here’s me by the way, in my scrubs on the last day of our Nursing Assistant clinical. I don’t look that good because I felt so worn out already at 10pm, when we got out from the Portage County Health Care Center. Fresh from my 5-hour-clinical! Looking so haggard and tired! :) My goal to become a nurse someday keeps me going. Now, after having finished my Nursing Assistant course, I am up to taking the state certification exam so I can be certified. I would really love to work as a CNA soon while pursuing my nursing dream one course at a time. I am just thankful that my family is behind me supporting me in everything that I would love to do. Parenting would be even more progressive when one is a nurse, especially the mother, as mothering involves all the nursing skills there are out there! Do you agree?

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