This week has been pretty rough for me, medical appointments-wise!

This week has been pretty rough for me, medical appointments-wise! Last Monday, the husband started the roughness with his two wisdom teeth extraction. Yes, it was ouch! It was a need to have them removed so he has to do it. Mine should be, too, but I’m not doing it now with the pregnancy I am dealing. Our dentist said it could wait after Baby #2 comes out. And yes, that’s when I’ll deal with it. It’s not bothering me anyway so I am fine. The past three days though passed by quickly but dreadfully! Well, I shouldn’t forget to mention the excitement, too, when I had my ultrasound appointment yesterday. We got to see Baby #2 in 2D, 3D, and 4D. That was really a treat! I had my 28 weeks Prenatal checkup last Wednesday and I had my initial Glucose tolerance test that day. I am now entering the last trimester of my pregnancy so hooray to that! Twelve weeks more left and we will see our second bundle of joy! We are extremely excited! My last trimester folder with important paperworks and birthing preparation. Ah.. time flies by so fast and I feel like I am ready to give birth now! The ouchie story! Lol. First poke of the week on my initial glucose test I had my glucose tolerance test last Wednesday and only 2 vials of blood were drawn from me that day so it wasn’t really bad. However, in the afternoon, my doctor’s office called me to tell me the results and I was informed that my blood sugar was slightly elevated. I should be maintaining a below 130 in number but the result showed I reached 135. Not that alarming, but my Doctor wanted to make sure that I don’t have a Gestational Diabetes so she advised me to undergo another lab work a couple days later which was this morning. It was horrible to have underwent a 13-hour fasting and I was poked for four more times this morning so it wasn’t fun at all. However, I survived so praise the Lord! I can only hope and pray that I don’t have a GD. I’ll know the result by Monday, before we’ll leave for Las Vegas. Meanwhile, I asked for my Doctor’s note regarding travel status which I will need on our flight. The airline might ask one from me so I can show this: OK to fly! Yay! Pregnant women aren’t advised to travel for long hours but I am glad I don’t have any complications at all to be prohibited from a 4-hour-nonstop flight from Central Wisconsin to Las Vegas! Awesome, right? I can’t wait to feast on Jollibee and Chowking and Red Ribbon and etc. Lol. This will be a great break for the three of us because when we get back, we will be stuck here the whole summer. Meanwhile, I’ll share a 4D photographs of our precious one: Baby #2 taken during my ultrasound yesterday. It was an instant schedule for one because my OB-GYN wanted to monitor the growth of my baby due to my hypertension. She wants to make sure that the baby isn’t that big and the supply of amniotic fluid is just right. I was thankful she wanted me to have one because I was looking forward to really know the gender of Baby #2. Sure enough, this little one, this time, didn’t hide what’s down there but eagerly showed us her femininity! We are very certain this time that Ate Triz is having a baby sister!

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