Being a Risk-taker

Being a Risk-taker Every day, I am able to spend a lot of times here at home with my daughter Triz’s milestones. I watched her carry out acrobatics while the dadi and I caught up with each other’s awe. Even before this toddler barely turned a year old, I can tell right off the bat that Triz is a pretty active kid. She does stunts that only someone her age can do and get away with. Then it happened one afternoon. She inevitably rolled over, landing awkwardly on her back, arms twisted, and gave out a loud cry. Naturally, I rushed to her side at once. I took her in my arms and quickly kissed her on the cheek. In just a few minutes, our little angel was sauntering around the room again. This happens all the time every day, yes. Being an energetic kid that this little girl is, everything seemed possible to happen. At least, that’s how I see her treat things around her. This kind of scene would have driven me over the edge a few years ago. But now, after handling little kids in church every Saturday in the past several years of my life, and after tending to the needs of my nieces, it takes more than the sight of a child hanging upside down above an alligator pit to make me stop her from all of his acrobat tricks. Today, Triz’s contortions make me stop and ponder. Watching her play reminded me that an attribute shared by a lot of successful people is their willingness to take chances. Most successful people like to work, play real hard and enjoy challenging themselves. They get a particular exhilaration from trying new things, pushing themselves to the limit, and defying the odds. Their drive to achieve simply exceeds their worrying about all of the things that can go wrong. In my life, I have gotten to meet different kinds of people. I have noticed that those who would like to make some changes, fear and risk are major reasons behind their inaction. Negative questions fly in the air, creating a negative atmosphere around them. What if things go wrong? Sometimes, we use the mere possibility of a negative outcome as an excuse to avoid making the effort in the first place. Worse, this feeling doesn’t just bother us outside. Even in our personal lives – inside our own homes – our fears get in the way of what we truly want for ourselves. For some people, even the thought of falling in love or allowing themselves to experience happiness is an issue and is being feared. Do you agree with me on this take? Taking or not taking risks. We’ve all done it at some point. But then again, why should we allow our fears to get in the way of our dreams? There are a lot of ways to deal with fears. I am not an expert on this (I’m a struggling soul, as well), but I know and I believe that one should face or confront their fears and start taking on bigger challenges and risks. I know Triz’s dadi to be as not a risk-taker as I would expect and want him to be. I am a risk-taker more than he is. And having Triz around, I am gonna take chances and risks more in my own way. I’m sure I can focus on the upside while still covering my backside. I expect that I’ll take some bumps and kicks along the way, but I also think I’ll be much better off than if I just sit on the sidelines. My time is just around the corner!

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