Well, every second Sunday on the month of May is a day for all mothers around the world, right?

Well, every second Sunday on the month of May is a day for all mothers around the world, right? Tomorrow it is, and I hope all mothers will get to feel special tomorrow. In my household, every second weekend of May is especially my day, because my daughter and her dad always make sure that I get to feel loved and cared for most especially on this weekend. Actually, yesterday, the husband e-mailed me his Mother’s Day thoughts and greetings to me. I was so touched because he wrote it in the middle of his break from class. Yesterday was his last day of classes for the Spring semester because next week is Final Exam week at the university so hooray for that! Well, yeah! He surprised me with his message which I used to receive before but not anymore lately, so this was one touching gesture of him, really. That’s not readable of course, so I’ll paste the content of his e-mail below. Pardon the grammatical error though. I think that’s the best that he can do! Ha ha ha! To my dearest wife Recel: Tol, do you know your true worth? When I first laid my eyes on you twelve years ago, I knew you were special. When you took time to not hesitate in accepting parts at church, I knew you are one of those few talented women who dare to show God’s characters in them. When you said yes after asking you to give me a chance to love you, I became an even blessed man. When you persevered during those tough times when I wasn’t around your perimeter, I knew you were the best! When you didn’t hide your “I do” 8 years ago despite the absence of a grand wedding I could give you, I knew that life ahead of us will be special. You are worth every day I spent in waiting. I thought it’s been too late, but you’re worth the wait. When you gave birth 5 years ago to my adorable daughter Triz Nicole, I thanked God for you. I knew you will be a great mother. When you give birth again to my second daughter, I promise to be there for you and never miss a glimpse of not seeing you so you will know that with you is a husband that loves and cares. Becoming a dad is tough, but you made it simple for me because you are a wonderful partner! You are worth every salary I earn, and I am sorry that I don’t earn a lot. Ha ha ha. Tol, thank you for making me celebrate Mother’s Day with you. My mother is the humblest mom I know but you are equally meek and the sweetest and even more than what child can dream of. Like I have told you every Mother’s Day: I am proud to say that I have a wonderful daughter (daughters soon). She is beautiful and fair, and truly blessed because you are her(their) mother. Every time I hear Triz tells you “I love you, Mang”, I always want to shout “And so do I!” But our words are nothing compared to what God has assured His precious people in Jeremiah 31:1: “Yea, I have loved you with an everlasting love: and with lovingkindness have I drawn you.” You are precious in His sight and in mine. I love you Tol… forever! Your husband Jon Isn’t he sweet? He really was, yesterday! Lol. I sure have a lot of reasons to own Mother’s Day. I am thankful to God for these two Very Important People in my life: my daughter and her dad. They’re not only good-looking (wink!), but they’re also the best housemates a wife and a mom can have! I know, I am lucky and blessed. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!

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