Happy midweek, everyone!

Happy midweek, everyone! I always feel like days are passing by so quick but I am not complaining! As a matter of fact, I love that it does, because it makes me even closer to something that I am waiting or anticipating to happen! I am posting of some whites I have for this week’s Wednesday Whites entry. It’s a look back of the Springtime that we’ve conquered last April. The snow were starting to melt but it was still chilly. When May came, still, there were snowshowers that fell on us. It is an April scenery here at our complex. The melting snow looked nasty, and sure, we were really looking forward to have them disappeared because we wanted to see some greens already! And here’s moi and the daughter (in white dresses) outside our church after the service. Remember, was already April, and yet, there was still thick snow on the ground. Frozen tundra we are living, yes! Cold who? Lol. I wish summertime shall stay, but it won’t. Soon, it’s going to be Fall, and another colorful surroundings await me. I am lucky to be experiencing all four seasons here in our current haven! There are more whites here: As the boss of our home, I mind everything. I mean, most of the house chores, except when I feel lazy or weak to do stuff. My being the boss maybe a different role to what you are expecting though. My kind of role as the boss is being the manager of our home, except for the repair and maintenance of hard apparatus, equipment, and furniture. And vacuuming, too. So what’s my role as the boss? First off, when you get inside my home, the moment the door is being opened, you can see a spotless floor. It’s all cleaned up, dusted, and even wiped. The shoe rack is organized, not to the extent that everything it tidied up because the three of us have lots of footwear and we only have a small rack for our shoes. It’s not so arranged, but it’s not the most organized either. And then you get inside and I’ll let you have a seat in our living room. Oh yes, you can see lots of stuff from the daughter’s arts and crafts, but I try to keep them as neat as possible, even though it shows that I can’t do it perfectly. Lol. Our bedrooms– no, the doors there are partly closed when I have visitors and I don’t show them at all because it is not the tidiest either. It most of the times becomes the playground of the daughter and her dad so having the pillows all over the bed is expected. Lol. The laundry area– all I can say is, the smell of my detergent and and my fabric softener are what keep me sane each time I opened it. Lol. The bathroom– well, most of my vanities are there. It doesn’t have a lot, but i try to make it spic and span all the time. I never run our of toilet papers, too, so you don’t have to worry about it! Lol. And then, the kitchen. Oh, I don’t have the luxurious kitchen decor at all, and living in an apartment unit, I don’t use kitchen curtains either. So what’s in my kitchen? I’ll let you imagine this: How’s that? I think I have the simplest kitchen you can ever see, when it comes to kitchen stuff and accessories. But this I wanna make sure though: my kitchen is filled with good and healthy Filipino foods to satisfy your craving. Let me know when you’re coming over and I’ll prepare you something special!

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