As much as I want winter to leave us soon, I don’t think my plea will be granted anytime soon because the first month of the year is not over yet.

As much as I want winter to leave us soon, I don’t think my plea will be granted anytime soon because the first month of the year is not over yet. Usually, it will get warm here in our neck of the woods around late March or April so I still have a long way to wait for the warmer days to come. With that, my walking exercise routine is very much affected since I can’t go out and take a walk outdoor when the temperature is below freezing. So what I do? I try to incorporate regular walking to my daily moves; that is, by using the Wii Fit. Also, my purchased 65cm fitness ball also helps a lot. This week, I am on my 11th week of pregnancy. While I deal with the First Trimester, morning sickness is here but it’s a lot manageable compared to my experience with the first pregnancy. I can easily divert my attention whenever I feel lousy, dizzy, and nauseous. Which is of course, great! With just foods to munch once a while, I am good to go. Apples, bananas, and those expensive mangoes and blueberries help a lot, I must say! I bought this fitness ball last year before our move and since then, my exercise routine has been pretty good! My 65cm fitness ball I don’t only get to use this ball, it became my daughter’s toy as well! She calls it the giant red tomato and she loves letting it bounce and roll around here. Triz and the giant tomato! And, did I mention how helpful this fitness ball is for pregnancy use? The website I enrolled in for those important pregnancy information has this exercises using fitness ball. I am sharing it here because you might find it helpful, too. Exercises using the ball during pregnancy: 1. Put the exercise ball on a clean floor, near a chair or other object that will help you to steady yourself should you lose your balance. 2. Sit on the ball, keeping your legs between 20 and 25 inches apart and your feet on the ground in front of you. 3. Slowly rock from side to side and back and forth, relaxing your pelvic muscles and ligaments. Have someone help you get onto the ball and stand up from the ball the first few times you practice the exercise until you are used to the sensation. 4. Practice doing a “figure eight” rocking motion, as well as rocking in a circular fashion, clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Do this several times a day. 5. Sit on the exercise ball when you are working at a low desk, watching television or just relaxing. I hope you find it helpful! Sharing for: Many of my friends, if not all, and my family as well, know that I am suffering from migraine. Migraine surgery had been thought of in the past, fortunately, my primary care physician thought that I don’t need it because mine is just tolerable and treatable with the medications. Plus, my husband and daughter are so helpful to me whenever I have migraine attacks. It isn’t easy to suffer from migraine. Your world seems to shake when you have migraine attack. It can paralyzed you for a day or more, if your first aid isn’t helping at all. What helps the most is that having somebody around you who can understand what you’re going through and will help you with anything they can. Migraine symptoms can sometimes lead to depression and so many more complications, so it is important that you have people supporting you during your migraine episodes. Most of all, let your primary care provider about it. He can help the most.

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