Do you read books to your kids?

Do you read books to your kids? Or if they’re grown-ups now, did you read to them when they were still children? I find it amazing here in the US to see kids, and I mean a lot of kids flocking the library everyday. The first time I’ve seen that many kids going inside the library one day, I thought they go there for something to watch. The next day I went there, the same number of kids were there, and when I went to the second floor to get something there, I realized that kids go there to read, or to do something in the computer. But mostly, to find books to read. That is really a great thing to see, because as we all know, books and reading are two of the things kids would treasure in their whole life. Personally, I love books and reading them. Thanks to my eldest sister and to my late father for paving the way for me to learn loving books! Now that I became a parent, I couldn’t dare not share with Triz my desire to read and read some more. She was less than a year old when we bought her her very first Children’s Bible. I thought it would be awesome when she starts to recognize people and things so we got her the Children’s Bible with a lot of illustrations in it. In Sabbath School, she always hears Bible Stories but that’s already the place next to our home where she hears a lot about Moses, Joseph, David and Goliath, Samson, Joshua, the story of Jesus, etc. And we’ve got her these books, too with volumes 1 to 10: The Dadi and I grew up hearing and reading the words on these books. But they are not annoying and boring, even if you get to read them over and over again. Ever since we started reading these during bedtime, Triz became more than informed and she now is very much knowledgeable with the Bible characters. The lessons about life and one’s faith in God– these are the values we want Triz to know and learn, and having a set of these books helps. We do have a few Dr. Seuss’ and Elmo’s and some Disney children’s books, too, and they’re also good for the academic learning, but they’re not the first in our list. It is learning about the Bible that our top priority and having us grew up in such atmosphere, we simply want Triz to follow and learn what we have experienced, too. We have a new set here, one that’s newly-released when we went in Philippines this year’s summer: Uncle Arthur’s Best Stories Volumes 1 to 6 and we just started having it as our bedtime stories to Triz. We got it from a Literature Evangelist who sells books and manuscripts from the Philippine Publishing House, but if you’re here in the US, Adventist Book Center or Review and Herald Publishing are both excellent sites to get you and the whole family amazing religious books.

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