Monday Madness & Jon's Girls

Monday Madness & Jon's Girls I have just faced my computer and actually logged on to my virtual homes a while ago. I may be just a Stay-At-Home-Mom but believe me, I don’t have the luxury of time to face the computer because offline life is more important than online. For one, I have a hyper and very clingy 4-month-old little girl. When she is awake, she doesn’t want the mama to do other things but mind her. And guess what, she is awake a lot of times during the day now that she is growing bigger! So you bet, my online routine has been really affected. I am not complaining though, I thought my precious Tiara deserves all of my time at this stage. Today is Monday and when it is, it is a manic day in our household. It’s the start of school and work for my housemates and having been rested from the previous days, it feels like getting up on a Monday is such a drag. Yesterday, we spent the entire day just being home and having a lot of laughter because of each other’s silliness. I was a busy mama because I did a lot of cleaning up and rearranging of our cluttered stuff and I was given a break to watch over Tiara. The husband took over my role except for the pumping of milk, of course! LOL. When little Tiara would cry, the dad would just go near me and let the baby watch me working on the kitchen, in our living room, sorting the laundry and more. Tiara is definitely a mama’s girl in her stage right now. She stops crying even with just a glance at me. Maybe because she sees me 24/7 and I am the one who can comfort her anytime she whines. That’s something the husband appreciates me for being such the mother that he desired for his kids.

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