It’s Mommy Moments once again! As usual, I am late but I still made it; didn’t I?

It’s Mommy Moments once again! As usual, I am late but I still made it; didn’t I? Starting this week, Mommy Chris has announced that there will be no particular theme for MM so mommies will be free to post any moments that made us experience mommyhood at our best. I’ll start off mine with this one: My daughter rarely uses a pencil when drawing and I can't believe how she does things so neatly! So not me! Lol. She made this, as far as my FB posting is concern (LOL), last July 28th. I was just in the couch, feeling lazy to get up, so I did “my” thing in the world wide web via my netbook when in a moment, my 5-year-old kiddo replaced my netbook’s 10.1″ screen with her neat and absolutely lovely butterfly art. Isn’t that sweet of her? I asked her why it’s a butterfly for Mamang and she replied, “because sometimes, I want to be a butterfly; being able to fly around delivering smiles to people!”. I asked her again why she has said that and she answered, “Because a butterfly always does that. When they fly around, people that see them always smile. And I always want you to smile that’s why I want to be a butterfly for you.” I know, my daughter, only 5 years old, can be so deep. She’s been like that ever since. I guess one of the reasons why she has become such is I asked her open-ended questions most of the times. I always ask her to explain things and utter her observance in everything. I believe that helps in making a child’s imagination and thinking soar even higher. Ahh… it’s just one of those moments when I can say how blessed I am to become a mom! A dear friend from Texas called me very early this morning, like 4AM, but I wasn’t able to make it to picking up the phone from my bed so I just got a voice message from her. She expressed her lonesomeness and sadness because her army husband has just bade farewell together with some soldiers bound for Afghanistan. I couldn’t imagine how it is like to be in her shoe as I don’t have a military husband, but I sure know how tough the days would go by for her and their son. When it comes to household help, I’m sure she won’t have any problem with it because she can always seek help from her in-laws and from top carpet cleaning companies austin for their cleaning needs. L, my friend, has mentioned that she has been trying to find a way to fix their sofa that needs some make over and now that her husband is away, may be I can’t help but be proud of my friend. Having married to an American soldier is tough, for sure, especially every deployment season. She has survived a few deployments already, and I know she will make it this time as well….

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