Tiara @ 9 Months

Tiara @ 9 Months Our little Tiara is growing like a weed! Last Sunday, she turned 9 months old. I know, it seems like it was just yesterday when summer 2012 has just started and my swelling on my face and feet have began. Lol. Time flies by so quick and I can only thank God for all those days that have passed. Today is the last day of April and Tiara’s milestones are what I am going to be posting as I leave April 2013 behind. The Duarte doll, hehe Tiara is a joy to behold. Every morning, she wakes up with never a cranky attitude but a smile in her lovely face. She is so sweet that the big sister always showers her with kisses and tearful smiles saying her ‘little sis’ is so precious and she couldn’t imagine life without her. I couldn’t either. The husband, Ate Triz, and I are so blessed with Tiara’s existence in our lives. Like the big sister, she is growing beautifully and so advanced, too, for her age. At 9 months, she is in the stage where separation anxiety kicks in. With just our faces, she gives out a whole lot of smiles but with strangers, she can look like she is in a different planet. Lol. She can say Mama, Dada, and ah-ah which Ate Triz translates as “Ah-tee” for her. Lol. Her babbling has turned to jabber which I am sure she meant to say as her real words, phrases, and sentences. She thinks she’s saying something, so respond we do every time. Ate Triz calls her the ‘bossy’ baby because of her being demanding of our time and attention. She really is. Her personality, I can tell, is emerging now. She has been showing us how social she is by not wanting any of us leave her alone. She waves bye-bye to whoever leaves out of the door and gets sad if it’s Daddy and Ate every morning. She is the most thrilled of their arrival every time. As a full-time mom, it is the most fulfilling to take care of my children 24/7. I know every detail of them and I am so proud of everything that they can do every moment. The challenge that we have faced so far with Tiara is only dealing with her cranky moments during this teething stage. Other than that, she is wonderful in every aspect! She had her 9-month well-checkup this morning with Dr. Reed and everything is normal. Dr. Reed was amazed that Tiara has been using the sippy cup now for her water to drink. I told you, this baby is pretty advanced! No vaccines for her today (thank God!) but she did get a poke for a vial of blood to be tested for her hemoglobin and lead. I trust that everything is okay as well. When it comes to my kids, I am a mom who will forever be proud of their growth and development. Parenting is tough at times, but the joy it brings is beyond measure! Oh how blessed I am to be a mother!

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