A Soul with a Sunny Heart

A Soul with a Sunny Heart Do you know someone of such personality? I used to, but he’s gone now and all I could do is reminisce for his presence every time I miss him terribly. Like yesterday, when I received the mail from my elder sister in HK with attached photos in it that has my 5-year-old dear nephew who resembles almost 90% of him. Like last night when I was sleepless because of this Spring allergy attacks that I’ve been having. Like some moments ago, when my daughter bravely and energetically showed me her acrobats while being in the couch but accidentally fell off the floor and instead of crying for pain, gave me a grin and responded “it’s alright, ‘mang” when I told her “I’m sorry ‘nak”. Oh… I am so grateful that my very own daughter seems to have a sunny heart like the person whom I missed so much now. My own father he is. Yes, I feel like my daughter is a soul with a sunny heart and I couldn’t wish for anything more beautiful. I have been fatherless for over 11 years now, and each time, I couldn’t help but wish he is still around so he could witness how amazing her grandchild’s personality is. (Don’t get me wrong, my father-in-law is great, too, but none can replace the joy that my father has given.) Above all, it would be wonderful to have him see a lot of characteristics that he himself possesses and that also can be seen in my daughter’s life. Right now, all I am wishing is for my lovely Triz to continue having a soul with a sunny heart. It makes every struggle and every burden so easy to conquer. Her ways and personality are not only a blessing to us as her own family, but to others as well who get to come in contact with her and are also impressed by a soul with a sunny heart. I’m going to leave you with a lovely poem called A Soul with a Sunny Heart by Beverly J. Anderson. Enjoy everyone! God bless the soul with sunny heartWho brightens up each dayBy spreading seeds of cheerfulnessWhile traveling on life’s way. God bless him for the stars of hopeHe sets in each one’s sky;For the encouragement he givesThat causes folk to try…With stronger faith to press ahead, With courage for a mate, And reach for goals, and build anew, And smile and challenge fate. God bless his laughter and his songThat drives dark clouds awayFrom troubled minds, and paints insteadA rosy-tinted day. God bless the soul with sunny heartWho’s found in life his place, And serves his God and fellow manWith humble, gentle grace. The world has need of such a manWho lifts the heart from gloom, And in life’s barren places plantsSweet flowers of love to bloom. He may serve as some men serveWith fame or high degree…But his good deeds will ever shineThroughout eternity.

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