Values Then and Now

Values Then and Now I’ve loved joining When SAHMone Speaks meme every Monday; however, I’ve missed doing so the last couple of days. Yes, I got so busy and this time, I don’t want to miss sharing my thoughts and points-of-view on the question, “As a mother, what do you think will be the best teachings you can pass on to your children?” When I was growing up, I was surrounded with the love, care, support, parenting, and leadership that my parents and older siblings showed me. I know, I was so lucky and truly blessed, despite the hardship and struggle we had to conquer. However, my world wasn’t about all the highs of life only. It had a lot of trembling and heartbreaks, too, which I chose to forget and even forgive the people that caused it. Forgive and forget– one value that I learned from my very meek and humble late Papa. Oh no, it isn’t easy to forgive and forget because I have a hard time doing it but when you seek God’s guidance, it is possible. I’ve done it many times, and although I must admit that I have not done it completely, still, I want to impart to my child(ren) the benefits of doing so. Another is respect and love for one’s self and for one another. When you have it, it is so easy to serve your fellow human beings. It is a value that I need to impart to my kins because respect and love are needed in a selfless service. After all, a life of service is a life that we intend to have on this earth just like what Jesus did with His life when He was here. One more thing is to obey their parents. Ephesians 6:1 says “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right”. As early as now, my little one has started to know the meaning behind that. I always remind her that the parents must be obeyed at all times now that she’s still young because what we are after is just all good for and to her. When she becomes independent and able to decide for her own, she can choose to obey or not towards her folks; if she saw some bad things from us and from any other people that she looked up to, I always tell her to ignore it and to retain all the good values that she sees. That’s what I’ve been taught by my father and my oldest sister and that’s what I’m gonna be instilling in my child(ren). There are so many more good teachings that I’d wish my my daughter will be able to take from me but I don’t want to write everything in detail. To live by example is also one of them and so I strive to do the good things in her sight but more importantly, in HIS sight. Lastly, Matthew 6:33 is a good summary, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” It will enable her to learn how to trust in The God Who provides us with everything.

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