I hope this post can still make it to Mommy Moments meme for this week

I hope this post can still make it to Mommy Moments meme for this week. The theme is “Parks” and I have so much to share that’s why I’m rushing myself. I was so busy last week since it was the Fourth of July weekend and we have friends who came over and stayed here for several days, plus it was our daughter’s 5th birthday so offline chores occupied me more than online tasks. Here are photos of us at the Mead Park where the Kids Are Special Here (KASH) Playground is located. It is one of the most frequented playground that we go to here in town because it is huge complete with those stuff that kids and adults can enjoy. Small parks in every neighborhood here in the city are flooding, too! One reason why our city is cited one of the Top 10 Best Small Cities to Raise a Family here in America– for being child-friendly. Me and the daughter, in the Fall of 2009, on our first year here in Stevens Point, WI The Playground, in the summer when greenery prevails! And check out the playground on wintertime! Blanketed with whites! One feature of the play area– the famous slide! There’s the playground-lover girl! Momma-daughter tandem on the swing! Daddy-daughter tandem on one of their best moments! At the vast Mead Park where the playground is situated. And there’s the three of us, enjoying a family time at the park, with the WI River behind us! Yes, so refreshing and very close to nature this place is! I know, we are lucky to be living in the place where family is valued. I get to appreciate this all the time and we never fail to let our daughter understand how privileged she is for living here in her younger years. At the end of the day though, no matter where are are, with this kind of place or not, a family that plays together, enjoys together! Shared for: William James once said this: “The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be.” What a great thought to start my week! Famous Quotes delivers! I love starting my days reading quotes with significant and relevant meanings, aside from my daily devotionals because for me, they make a good start of each day. It’s one way of evaluating myself where I am in today’s world personally so as to check if I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. The thought above by William James said it straightly. Our minds can make or break us. If we choose to be successful in something we aim, we should let our attitude and mind dwell on the positive ways of achieving such goal. Positive minds result in positive works so think about it!

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