“A repost of my writeup originally published as a Facebook Note two years ago.”

“A repost of my writeup originally published as a Facebook Note two years ago.” Today, the calendar says it’s St. Valentine’s Day. Many said it’s a day for lovers. No, I disagree! First and foremost, whoever that St. Valentine is (I didn’t study about him), I would bet he will not be happy with such definition. I’ve read that what St. Valentine was instilling was the sanctity of every human relationship bound by love. It should be nurtured and valued, especially marriage. That’s what I think it is. Therefore, every February 14th is not only a day for lovers but a day for EVERY person capable of loving. Don’t let your minds and hearts be too centered to the notions of romantic love. In today’s age, like any other holiday, the celebration is too commercialized. As you express your tokens of admiration, appreciation, and love in forms of a fancy card, a box of chocolates, a quiet dinner for two, or an especially memorable gift, don’t forget to reinforce your commitment of the vows you’ve made in the past. Today is just a regular and ordinary day for me and my love(r). We are not into chocolates, nor flowers or fancy dinner. Maybe if we’re back home (in Philippines), a dinner would be okay, given the countless places where Pinoy dishes are the best! Not here where there is no Filipino restaurant other than our very own kitchen! Haha. We are into practical things and the basics are what I simply mean. Today, like every other day, I am just grateful that I have a lot of love to cherish. Love for family, for friends, for God’s Word, and love that simply fulfills my human heart– my daughters and her dad. I can only say I am one blessed soul for being married to the most giver/generous person I know. The giving part may not be necessarily to me as he does it to others very often and I am completely fine with it. After all, life of service is putting the needs of others along with your own. Whatever the medium of expression of love, the givers must understand that the memento has no value except it represents a gift of their very selves. Love expressions must be sacrificial, irreplaceable, and uniquely suited to the receiver. Sometimes, it means sacrificing one’s self for the benefit of the many that he loves. Just like what Jesus did. Photo grabbed from Teodora George Photography Collection Isn’t sacrificing your self for someone you love the best expression of love? Jesus showed it to us when He died on the cross to save us from our sins. As we express our love for our spouses and fellow humankind in word and deed, we joyfully bear witness that we love Jesus because He first loved us. I hope that is your case.

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