Where I am now

Where I am now Hello again. Thought I would stop by for a little bit, and post where my life is at lately. It's been two months since I announced my departure from WPH. That announcement was met with much attention, and I would like to thank everyone who took their time to say goodbye, thank you, or good luck. I really appreciate it. The last four years have been really fun. I learned so much doing WPH, and I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone who pushed me forwarded and lent their moral support during that journey. I'll never forget it. In the meantime, I've decided to explore new options. I'm excited to announce my new project, Sparklr, which is the summation of my side work over the last several months. It's totally different than WPH, but the philosophy is the same, if you really think about it. I'll leave that one to you. If you're curious about keeping tabs on my life or future projects, keep tabs on my site or twitter. Otherwise, I would like to thank you for being along for the ride, and wish you luck as our paths part. - Jaxbot, aka Jonathan Warner

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