I have had an awesome experience working with Posy Lane and that deserves some shout out!

I have had an awesome experience working with Posy Lane and that deserves some shout out! Posy Lane offers personalization and customization to all products that you’re interested with. From apparels to stationary papers/labels/stickers to school and children’s supplies like nap mats, backpacks, lunch totes, water bottles, and so many more to baby products like blankets, bibs, clothes, and other keepsake books. They also have iPhone cases, cutting boards, mouse pads, and more accessories that you want to be customized. In my case, I was given the chance to choose whatever product I want to receive for free among the categories mentioned. Since I have been wanting for a new backpack for my First Grader, I thought that one of those personalized girls backpacks would be neat and cool. Sure enough, I didn’t hesitate to pick the Stephen Joseph Butterfly Quilted backpack after Triz, my 6-year-old First Grader gave it a thumbs up! The other day, I received my choice of a Posy Lane product, with my very daughter’s name on it: The Stephen Joseph Butterfly Quilted backpack with the name Triz Nicole in it! How do you find it? So cute, right? I know, I am loving my choice a lot! Triz loves red and purple and she absolutely thought that this new backpack of hers is beautiful. It is approximately 11″ tall x 13″ wide by 4″ deep; just the perfect size for her! There have been a bag measurement that’s prescribed in the list of their school supplies and it need not be big so that it will fit in their tiny lockers. When Triz saw this new backpack, she exclaimed it is just the perfect backpack in the world! Wanna see how delighted she was when I handed it to her? Her photo below is one defining moment of her excitement! A happy recipient! It was like my present or reward to her after arriving home from school with lots of recognition from her teachers that afternoon. She was chosen to be the Star Student of the Week, she clipped up in their classroom behavioral standing, and every day, she has been such an awesome daughter to us. She doesn’t ask for anything at all but she loves surprises. This personalized backpack with her name on it is truly a surprise! Off to school with her new backpack She used it yesterday, for the first time, and all of her classmates found it cool and neat! Her teachers even noticed it and told her she got the cutest backpack ever! I know, right? Posy Lane does lovely things and I am thankful I got to work with them! You should check out their products! If you love personalized or customized items, it will be a delight to see what they got!

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