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Blog Design by Blog Designers As if we didn’t have enough trouble getting sites to render across browsers! Once upon a time I knew that Safari rendered colours slightly differently than other browsers. That’s one of those arcane bits of knowledge that is rarely useful outside a bull session with copious amounts of beer and my fellow web designers. But it was driven home just now when I happened to have the same page up in both Safari and Firefox. The root of the cause and it’s simple solution is best explained in this article. To summarize: it’s the colour profiles stored with the images. Safari honours them. Others don’t. Frankly, I prefer the way Safari handles it, and wish other browsers would follow suit. By specifying a colour profile, the designer can more accurately predict the way the image will look on a variety of monitors. I believe I am over-simplifying things somewhat. No doubt someone will tell me that we’re always going to be dependent on how the user has his or her monitor configured. Still, I’ll take some control over none, thank you very much. Just how much traffic of a spike will a redesign cause? Obviously it’s different in every case. Since we relaunched our site last week, we’ve seen traffic jump by an average of 300%. If we were an ad-supported site, that would translate into significant increases to our bottom line. To be sure, this won’t last forever, but after a traffic spike, the daily average is always higher than pre-spike levels. Statistically speaking, the extra traffic should result in an increase in requests for work. I expect that we’ll recoup our investment in just a few months. As the blogosphere matures, we’re starting to see a lot of redesign work. Smart folks are realizing that a new design will help give them a competitive edge, and can result in significant traffic increases. In addition to total visitors, a site that is well designed can increase the average number of pages viewed by each visitor. If your revenue depends on page views, a redesign can make a *huge* positive impact. Hmmm, do I smell a case study? A new article at User Interface Engineering brings some current hard data to illustrate how vital good design on the web is today. There’s not a lot I can add here, other than to urge my current and future clients and colleagues to invest the 5 minutes it will take you to read it. Then, after, I can say “See, I told you so!”. I’ve redesigned theblogstudio. com again. That may have been the shortest lived design of my career! In this case, I’ve stripped the design back to its very essense. It’s an exercise in raw minimalism. And it will continue to evolve. Like Darth Vader, I knew this design had some good in it. But I had to dig right down to the heart of it to find that good. Now that I have, I’ll continue to build on it as necessary to meet our ever changing goals. I’ll make short posts like this when the design has been updated, so that those of you reading this via RSS can check in to see what’s up.

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