The husband and I are thankful for in our lives. Yesterday, our LOVE for each other became 14 years old.

The husband and I are thankful for in our lives. Yesterday, our LOVE for each other became 14 years old. Really? That long now? Wow! Fourteen years after, March 21 is something that we both love to remember and talk about. With a smart and very loving 8-year-old daughter, the topic is even more fun to be talked about. With a daughter that keeps inquiring what happened and how sweet the cheesy moments were, it is nice to hear from her that when she says when she becomes old enough, she wants to be like her mom with a husband like her dad. I guess we pretty much have set her a good example. I hope! Lol. Today, I thank God and pray to Him that the next more years in our lives will be even more blessed. We are stronger when we are together, and more than everything, we are more faithful to each other every day because we have a God Who exemplifies faithfulness in our lives. He blesses and we are blessed! Ten years ago today, my husband married his girlfriend of three years and I am one thankful soul that that girlfriend was me! Lol. Today, 10 years ago, I was adopted to the Duarte family and proud to have done so. I hope I have made this family proud as well of my presence. He he! I wish I have recorded it but I haven’t so I have no audio or video to share here. It’s about our 7-year-old firstborn daughter Triz, who, at church today, raised her hand during the Thanksgiving and Prayer Request segment of our worship service and when she was handed down the microphone and was given her time to speak, she went, “I praise and thank God for my Mom and Dad who are celebrating their 10 Years Wedding Anniversary today. I am so proud to be their daughter.” And then, a thundering applause erupted in the congregation. I was overjoyed. And, everyone greeted us a joyful happy anniversary greetings. Such a perfect anniversary date to fall on a Sabbath as we had the whole church family to have celebrated with us. We have initially planned to be going to Philippines this summer and have our Renewal of Vows there. We thought it is a perfect way to celebrate our 10 years. But, our plans are not God’s plans and apparently, He has other plans for us; one that I now believe to be even more big and sweet. It is our move to Texas, to a place that we have prayed for our family to relocate to, plus, we will have our new home, too, for the first time! What a gift! Nothing more can we truly ask but just continued guidance and leading and Providence. I don’t have a grand wedding to boast. But, I have a great marriage, greater husband and two daughters, and The Greatest God Whom we serve!

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