This week’s Mommy Moments‘ theme is Earth-Friendly Tips

This week’s Mommy Moments‘ theme is Earth-Friendly Tips. It sounds so natural to me, so I am thinking sharing what tips I have will not be that hard. Let’s see. First off, PLANT. Be it vegetables, flowers, or trees, if there is an access to a land, PLANT. It will help the oxygen you’re inhaling to be cleaner and fresher, and it will keep your asthma episodes away! Lol. So PLANT. I do, even though pots and sacks of soils are what we can afford for now. We are in an apartment living so no land for us to tend. Thus, my onion, lemon grass, camote tops, and some ornamental flower plantations (LOL) are just potted. My poor Sibuyas. They have enjoyed the Spring in April when the wintry snow seemed to linger! Second, if you live in a place where there are four seasons all year round, use only, or mostly, locally grown and in season flowers as gifts as they take less energy to transport and preserve. Also, for me, receiving living flowers in pots is better than those in forms of bouquets or in the vases. But of course, maybe one is sweeter than the other so we may differ on this. Third, reduce, reuse and recycle materials. As parents, the daughter sees us reducing the use of electricity and conserve the water, reusing plastic bags from our groceries, and recycling those non-biodegradable stuff. This is the daughter’s way of showing her creativity, recycling the cartons and hard papers she saw in our paper bin by making it into her TV set. She did this when we had our Cable subscription cut off. She was like, "I can be the celebrity you'll see on TV thru this invention!" Fourth, save gas. Walk or go bicycling if the place is just within a mile or even 10 miles. It will not only save you money in paying for every pump, it can also help clean the air and keep you fit. We do biking and hiking/walking most of the times now that it’s still warm; however, we couldn’t do this during the winter so excuse this tip I have for us when the snow stops us. Lol. Fifth, go out and enjoy the nature! When you do, you get to appreciate every little thing you see outside that man isn’t capable of making. When you get to appreciate it, you will become an environment-friendly person even more. Finally, read books about the nature and the environment. My daughter has this textbook for her Advanced Kindergarten class in her Homeschool Curriculum and I am thankful for this because it is a good supplement to what we already teach her. God's World, Triz's AK textbook There goes my short list of Earth-Friendly Tips. I hope you didn’t get bored. And most of all, I hope you got some lessons from these tips!

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