Lucky daughters of mine!

Lucky daughters of mine! Not all children have been blessed to have responsible, caring and loving fathers. This is what I emphasize to my daughters time and time again. And their Dad’s attitude that I like the most which is to never whine or grumble is what I always tell them to copy. Most of all, his love for God and desire for heaven and eternity with Jesus is what I want them to etch in their hearts so that we will together reunite by then when life on earth is over. Happy Father’s Day to the one who fathered my children and to all wonderful Dads out there! If you are a mother, you might be spending a lot of time taking care of your kids and spouse. You must also take care of yourself to stay healthy and happy which in turn would make you a better mom. You can take good care of yourself by following the simple ways given below. You can find few more ways at moms. com. Allot some time for yourself Even though taking sometime for you would sound like an impossible task, make sure you sneak in sometime for yourself to feel better. You can try to go on a shopping trip when your family members are enjoying a nap. You can ask your relatives, friends or husband to take care of your kids and go to a spa for a massage, watch your favorite movie or take a nap. This will leave you refresh or happy. Enjoy sleeping Do you remember the last time when you had slept for 8 hours at a stretch? If you have the habit of sleeping for 4 or 5 hours learn to increase your sleeping time. Having enough amount of sleep is beneficial for you as a mother as it will keep you energetic, drive away the process of aging and keep serious medical conditions away. Hence make sure you get enough amount of rest. Demand help Modern moms are good at multitasking and they have to take care of a number of works at the same time. If you have lot of work to do, feel free to ask for help from your family members. You can ask your parents to take your kids to school or park. Seek your husband help to do the shopping for groceries. If you have older kids, you can ask them to chip in while cooking or table care of other chores in the kitchen. Enjoy and have fun You have to remember that considering your kids as your life is not wrong but you must not forget to have some fun to stay active and happy. You can go to a movie with your husband or enjoy a dinner at your favorite restaurant or enjoy a favorite show in a theatre. Try to make your life a normal one by doing everything you enjoyed before having your children. All these simple ways would help you to be a better mom and help you stay relaxed every day.

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