New Photo Blogs from Tom Hubbard.

New Photo Blogs from Tom Hubbard. I received an e-mail the other day from an old friend and colleague, Tom Hubbard. He was announcing his new photo blogs and asked if I want to be included in his latest: Hub's Visionary Photographers (www. visionaryphotographers. com). My first reaction was: "me?" I hadn't really thought of myself as a "visionary photographer," but Tom explained that he was looking for contributions from a range of people including not only pure photographers but also educators and authors. Or as he puts it in his About this Site: "My sincere thanks to each contributing photographer, educator and author for fanning the flame of photographic creativity and helping to enhance the craft of those who hold you as their heroes. You are today's pioneers into the new world of digital photography and digital imaging." Well, that made me feel a little more comfortable. I've always related to photographic creativity (both as a producer of it and as a consumer and buyer of it), and I like to think that I've had a small part to play in advancing "the new world of digital photography and digital imaging" with my books and other activities. So what the heck, I thought. If I can help inspire someone to be more creative with their photography, why not? I said Yes, and you can read my first posting right under that of my friend Joel Meyerowitz, who truly is a visionary photographer. What I really like about Tom's approach with this blog (and he has three others that are a little more pragmatic) is how he calls himself a "Photo Concierge," introducing you to others and their stories. He's not just rambling on like bloggers tend to do, but he's providing a stage for others to perform. Even more uncharacteristically for a photo blogger, he won't use his own pictures on the blog, although he has plenty of them, and good ones! And everything is free. No membership fees, no advertisements and no pop-ups. It's refreshing. So check in with Tom as Photo Concierge on Visionary Photographers and see what you think.

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