My Home Remedy for a Baby with a Cough

My Home Remedy for a Baby with a Cough For the first time when my little one was 8 months old, she had colds. It didn’t help that the months of February and March are flu season. No matter how hard I tried to keep her away from the infections, bacterial and viral, still, getting sick is inevitable. When you’re a mom, there is that innate instinct within you to doctor your own baby. Dads don’t have that, except if one is a real doctor holding a license. In my home, my husband and children consider me as their doctor and nurse. Since I am not into over-the-counter medicines as my first aid for regular illnesses, I tend to find some alternative treatments; mostly herbal and practical home remedies that can help. For a baby with a cough, these are the most effective remedies that I have tried. Breast Milk There is a comfort attached to breast milk that can soothe and heal a cough. Increasing feedings during a cough is an effective way for a baby to consume liquids and flush out any bacteria located in her lungs. My firstborn who was breatfed for two years never got sick during those times. I believe breastmilk was and is the best medicine out there! Herbal Rub This I have just learned from my readings: If you mix 4 tbsp. olive oil and 2 drops eucalyptus, sage, rosemary and peppermint oil in a bowl, you can create a great herbal rub for your little one. Rub the mixture over the baby’s chest when she is sleeping. This will ease coughing and soothe the respiratory tract. I also use Vick’s Vaporub for baby. Bath A warm bath can make anyone feel better, can’t it? It can help loosen any blockage in the chest and calm a baby. Add a few drops of chamomile or lavender oil to the water, which can open baby’s airways to ease a cough. After a warm bath, I usually follow it with a rub or a massage and it would result to a sleeping little one. Humidifier I am a stranger to humidifier when I was growing up. Back home in Philippines, there was not a need for one. When I migrated here in the US, my first winter was in Illinois state and it was then that I was introduced to a humidifier Without one, I would get sore throat, stuffy and dry nose which often give me literal nosebleeds. Running a humidifier can help clear the dust in the air and make a baby and adult more comfortable. Place herbal oils, such as eucalyptus and rosemary, on a baby’s chest and run the humidifier overnight for optimal results. For us, our humidifier runs 24/7 and it makes a difference! This is the least that I can share. Maybe you have your own home remedies, too. Or if you’re looking for more, you can try searching online. I am sure other moms have their different views shared which you might find beneficial.

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