Life Musings

Life Musings I had no idea what to title this. If you think it's going to be anything book-related, you can tune out now if you want. So, I had a weird day and decided to kick my butt into gear. School is starting up next week, which means 10 or more hour days and less time to dilly-dally. Also, my goal of losing weight this summer has sucked. I'm still the same weight as at the beginning and something needs to change. So, diet - check, and exercise - check. While walking back from our little gym down the road tonight, my husband said "You should take a sabbatical from your blog" and I was like heck no. My biggest downfall this summer has been facebook games and I told him "I'll just stop with the facebook games". I don't spend a ton of time but that extra hour or two wasted on games is just not worth it. Not when my health could be at risk. I am at the heaviest I've ever ever been - probably 60 lbs heavier than I was in high school and I was not anywhere close to thin in high school as it was. So, blogging will not be on haitus, but it may be slower around here than it has been. But I need to get my act together. I'll do what I did during school this past year and blog mostly on weekends. Heck, my computer may get a little dusty during the week - who cares. And how did this come all about? I saw a picture from last night at a book signing and was like really? That's me... and then we were at the gym working out and eating 3 servings of vegetables at dinner tonight cause the hubster is also chunking out. So. That's my little rant. I'm sticking to making a better life for me. So, if I'm not on twitter much or on Google Chat.. I'm not dead.. just the opposite - leading a healthier life.

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