The Diva's design takes form

The Diva's design takes form Those playing along at home will know that The Blog Studio is in the process of redesigning The Diva Marketing Blog. If you’re new to the site, let me quickly bring you up to speed. The Diva Marketing Blog is one of the web’s best loved sources for marketing tips and tricks. Toby, our hostess, dishes the news with wit and wisdom. At her suggestion, I, chief blogger and creative director for The Blog Studio, am blogging the process. If you’d like to see what we’ve achieved so far, you can start here, then check in here, then finally read this. We’re at the visual stage now, and I thought you might enjoy seeing where we’re going. A note – this is work in progress. You’re seeing part of a evolution, not the finished work. I’ll post the completed chain once we’re all done. First, a snap shot of the current site: Now the first concept: All of the content from the existing site is still there, but it’s been dramatically cleaned up. One of the goals I helped Toby uncover is to increase her conversion rate. With her current site, you’d be rather hard pressed to find the call to action. This design makes the links to her services much more prominent, but my no means are they in-your-face. I’m a big fan of the inspirational quotes that run down the right column of her existing site. In this design, I’ve featured them front and centre. The quotes will load randomly, and can be cycled by the user by clicking the forward or back arrows. The second version of the same concept: Toby’s initial feedback to me was to make the site more fun. I wanted to avoid going too cartoony, so I introduced a fun yet sophisticated palette, and a way less macho logo. The logo doesn’t really show up in this small image – you’ll have to wait till the site launches to see the real thing!

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