Renewing the blog’s focus

Renewing the blog’s focus Ok, I admit it. We’ve lost our focus, here on The Blog Studio blog. Back in the day, I wrote with passion and enthusiasm about business blogging. Over the past year though, I just dropped the subject. There are a bunch of reasons, mostly though it was burnout with the topic. The burnout was caused by four things: genuine ennui, a desire to get away from the echo chamber of the business-blog-consultant community, an overflowing work schedule, and a shift in focus in my personal life to topics of a more internal nature (spirit, meditation, yadda yadda).But you know, I’ve got a fire in my belly again. The blogosphere has changed while I was away. It’s more mature, and the discussions about using blogs for business have lost a lot of the “gee whiz” they had 18 months or so ago. Blogging is an established practice now, and there’s a need for new information. This is a good thing. Blogging for business is an amazingly effective way to find, keep, and convert clients. Whether you’re selling widgets or concepts, blogging can help you sell more. It’s not just about more though. It’s about quality. Blogging has had a lot of incredibly deep impacts on my life, and on the lives of our many clients and friends. It has helped build quality relationships for literally millions of people. These are relationships have added both quantity and quality to the bottom line of hundreds of thousands of businesses, both large and small. And I’m psyched about that! Starting today, we’re going to be writing articles aimed at the business blogger. Who’s that? Simply, anyone who’s blogging with a purpose other than to solely air their personal thoughts. You may be in it for ad revenue. You might be selling a book, or promoting your bakery. Whatever the reason, we’ll be offering you a bunch of new ways to improve your blogging experience. If you’ve stuck with us through our recent blogging drought, I really appreciate it. If you’re new to this blog, then watch out: lots of new stuff headed your way!

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