I like to remind myself of W. A.

I like to remind myself of W. A. Peterson‘s prayer which I have read in my daily devotional book that says, “Slow me down, Lord. Remind me… that the race is not always to be swift, that there is more to life than measuring speed. I thought such line is very applicable in today’s world when all of us seem to be really busy with life, with work, and with just about everything. Image grabbed As a matter of fact, personally, “Hurry up!” is a term that I always hear myself saying to my daughter. When she eats, when she ties her shoes, when she gets her jacket and put it on, when she cleans her mess– I often tell her to hurry up. And the kid in her would answer, “Sorry, Mang. I can’t hurry up because I am slow.” And guess what, ever since she has finished reading the book The Hare and the Tortoise last month which is a part of her Advanced Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum, she already imparted a lesson to me. A great one that is. Everytime I’d tell her to hurry up, she would tell me, “It’s alright to be slow, Mang, as long as you keep doing what you’re supposed to do. Remember the tortoise? She won the race!” Oh, what five-year-old thinking! Indeed, it is alright to be slow. To pause. To take a halt. To stop. And when you do, savor your time like you do with a yummy treat. And when you do take a pause, think of all the good things around you. It can not only lessen or destress you, it can add joys to your heart as well. I usually love to be carefree in the morning when it’s just me and my daughter in bed. We would spend time cuddling, telling stories, and sharing our dreams from the night’s slumber (she almost always does the sharing while I listen) and it’s always a treasured time of us since it is a daily routine when the daddy is already at work. Indeed, a savored time spent with someone you love is something worth it all. In my case, even if I am already awake as early as 5AM to do my online tasks, when the daughter calls me up around 8AM for some loving-loving time, I can always PAUSE from my work and give her the time that she wants to savor.

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