Summer Fun at the Camp

Summer Fun at the Camp How did your summer go, everyone? How was it spent? I am sure it was memorable, although I don’t really know how you all spent it. Maybe some went to a grand vacation overseas. Maybe some went cruising. I’m saying that in behalf of my family friends who did, and for them, it was a summer full of blast. For my very own family though, it was the most memorable, considering that we welcomed the arrival of our second daughter on the same month that our first daughter was born 6 years ago. I know, it’s pretty exciting! Anyway, if not because of me dealing with pregnancy and childbirth, we would have spent our summer in the camp! We actually pre-registered for a family camping last year’s summer, but we had to cancel it since I got pregnant after that. Our desired campground destination though is just within the state of Wisconsin; at the Camp Wakonda in Westfield Wisconsin. It is not at the Camp Chateaugay (with the website www. chateaugay. com) but the programs and activities offered by both campgrounds are pretty much the same. Camp Chateaugay is located in New York and it is not a new campground to me at all because our family friend based in New York has actually shared some information about this very nice campground. It has an incredible collection of activities for all ages and the facilities are complete for every age level to be used. Campers here are not only from New York areas but from people from all over the world, too. I guess there is something about their counselors, specialists, and camp mentors that make it too inviting for campers. Whatever that is, I guess I am one of those adventurers who would dare experience camping in a different campground; one that I haven’t tried yet. My husband and I are both nature-lovers when we were growing up. Being nature lovers include the interest in outdoor adventure like camping, spelunking, hiking, and the likes. If this summer our camping trip has been withheld, I will try to have it pushed through next summertime. By then, there’s going to be the four of us who will be making nice memories at a summer camp.

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