Today is a busy day for me!

Today is a busy day for me! You can tell by this late BPC entry of mine, can’t you? Well, if you check out my blog sites, you can see that there aren’t updates on it. I am slacking in doing my assigned tasks and although I don’t like it that way, I can’t do anything since today, time is consumed very fast. Pardon my late visits on your pages, too. I promised to be there soon! I always feel lousy in the morning because lately, I am not getting enough sleep at night even though I crawl into bed earlier. Blame my womb mate for being so hyper. I am 23 weeks today, almost approaching my 6th month, and yes, Baby2 tells me that she is very much alive and KICKING. I love all of her moves, but the tickles are sometimes a cause of discomfort when I am already trying to sleep. Oh well, I can’t complain! She is healthy and I am, so me and my housemates are but thankful souls. Today, our errands included a trip to First Impressions Dental Clinic for Triz’s appointment. We waited for an hour for Dr. Spiegl, Triz’s dentist, to do some some filling and crown procedure to the daughter’s teeth because she has this cavity that needs to be fixed. Camwhoring mom-daughter! It was upper 40s today and although the morning started really gloomy and wet, I am glad that the sun shone at at noon giving us a bright Springtime outside! Triz outside the Dental Clinic When the daughter’s appointment was finished, we had other errands to go to which made our afternoon really busy. Plus, Triz got discomforts from the numbness in her mouth due to the procedure she underwent so I spent the rest of the afternoon nursing her. Another reason why there is not much abundance in my blogs. Lol. Her clinic's token, as always. And her dentist and hygienist always appreciate her presence. They would always tell us that Triz is the sweetest and most polite girl they've ever dealt with. Such a compliment, eh? Sorry for my Wednesday random post for today! I wish I can write one with sense, but this is the best that I can do. Hahaha. Will go now as I still have to vote for Jessica Sanchez so that she will be safe for tomorrow’s elimination!

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