2 Months Well-Visit and Vaccines

2 Months Well-Visit and Vaccines I was so busy yesterday. There were lots of offline things to do and one of the highlights of my day yesterday was Little Tiara’s visit to her pediatrician. I didn’t want to go to the check up all by myself and I am glad the hubby was class-free on the scheduled time as he was able to join us to the doctor. The university and St. Michael’s Hospital is just a block away from each other so it was so easy to stop by the university ground and invite hubby to join us at the doctor’s visit. Tiara heading inside the doctor’s clinic This is the same hospital where I had my prenatal checkups and where I delivered Tiara. It was surreal to be going back not for myself anymore but for the used to be wombmate of mine. Anyway, Tiara turned 2 months old last week, September 28th, and yesterday was her schedule to see Dr. Reed. We learned that she is now 23 and 1/4 inches and is now weighing 10 lbs 11 oz. Thus, my tired arms at the end of the day. Lol. Overall, she is growing wonderfully and beautifully so there is no problem whatsoever. The checkup ended with three needle pokes on little Tiara’s chunky legs though for her DTaP-HIB-Polio, HepaB, and Pneumococcal vaccines. Before the shots were given, the baby was sound asleep in Mamang’s cuddles while waiting for the nurse to be mean to her. Lol. After the three shots though, no more smiles from Tiara for all of us. Needle pokes? Of course they aren’t fun! So I was dealing with a cranky baby the entire afternoon when we got home. I can’t blame the little babe. I know how tough it is to have been poked and even drawn with vials of blood. Lol. Well, vaccines are good and a needed thingy in her body so that’s the way it is. It helps that Pediacare infant drops relieved the pain she was suffering last night. Yes, we did have a good slumber, like we always do! Today, after a good morning bath, I am dealing with a super good baby. Reason why I was able to make this post. And more still on my other blogs. I hope! Lol.

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