Oh wow, can you believe it? Exactly two months from now, it is Christmas

Oh wow, can you believe it? Exactly two months from now, it is Christmas. Uhm, where did all those months go? As early as right now, I have seen a lot of displays at the places where I go out which reminds me of home. Christmas Designs have started to flood out the stores already and every time I see a Christmas tree or any Christmas decor, I always miss home because Christmas for me means family and get-together with my siblings. Reminds me of our photo a year ago when we took a short trip to Madison, Wisconsin on Thanksgiving Day. Now I am thinking of starting to make our home look Christmassy. I am not really into decors and all because I am more into feelings and giving so let’s see how our new home will look like in the coming weeks! I feel though that this wall decal is perfect for our living room which currently looks so dry and bland. Lol. So tell me about it– have you started putting up your Christmas decorations yet? This week is going to be pretty busy for me. Busier that the past couple of weeks even! Almost everyday I hit the store for some shopping to fill in my box which I plan to be shipping out this coming Sunday. We will be driving to Milwaukee then with friends who want to go along. It should be fun. It was just last night when I started to organize and arrange the stuff that I got for my two huge boxes which we, Filipinos, call Balikbayan Box. It will be different this time because we won’t be putting in chocolates at all. We got clothing, shoes, a lot of baby products, toiletries, and so much more. I hope everyone will be happy. It will be in time for Christmas so it will be our Christmas presents to all of them. Meanwhile, I don’t want to miss mentioning the importance of going organic. Most of the baby products that I got were organic products because my nieces and nephew there are using one for health reasons. Being asthmatic, their doctors there recommended to use organic foods and clothing made form organic materials. When my sisters experimented it, she saw that it worked. Thus, she concluded how beneficial it is. I can only hope that these clothes I got for them will fit everyone who receives it!

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